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Sesame Street Yoga: What’s Bert’s Favorite Pose?

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bert-and-ernieBert: “I love pigeon more than anything else in this world! Besides oatmeal.” But of course!

Can anyone confirm the authenticity of this video on Sesame Street? (it’s a collection of youtube vids, including John Friend). Do we really care?

Doin’ the (coo coo) pigeeoon…

UPDATE: here’s the original video.. thanks Jackie!

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  • Monica

    One of Sesame Street’s greatest hits! I used to watch this with my daughter. Too cute! And true, because “people may smile, but I don’t mind…they’ll never understand the kind of fun I find doing the pigeon!”

  • Woah fantastic!!! I still love the muppets, always bring out a smile in me 🙂 I do remember Bert’s song from Sesame Street, but no idea if the yoga add on is official… but I just love it!

  • There’s something that feels pieced together and inauthentic about it. But I’m no expert! Entertaining nonetheless.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • Monica

    The yoga stuff wasn’t in the original, of course…just Bert doing his funny dance.

  • Thanks for the great video. Here is my responding post with the question “Which childhood character would you like to see doing yoga and what would be their favourite pose?

  • Rock_My_Soles

    I just can’t escape pigeon too funny leave it up to you yogadork to find this!

  • Jackie

    I remember watching this with my little sister. Here’s the original.

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