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Figure Skater Evan Lysacek: Does Yoga, Wins Gold Medal!

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evan-lysacek_goldmedal_yoga_100219Huge Congrats to figure skater and yogi superstar Evan Lysacek for winning Gold! Last night the tanned, talented and hunky descendant of the Presley family (our impression), won himself a gold medal in men’s figure skating. Lysacek is the first American to win the title since Brian Boitano in 1988. Go USA! (Plushenko was NOT thrilled. even his sequin suit looked miffed). The other huge news? Evan’s a dedicated yogi! We mentioned his practice last year when the young skater was just an Olympic hopeful. Sounds like he’s kept up with his practice.

From NBCOlympics.com:

Prior to the 2009 World Championships, Lysacek started practicing yoga to stay calm and unwind after long training days. “I used to do power yoga,” he says, “But the studio is over an hour drive away. So now I do it at home whenever I feel like I need it.”

Who’s his dedicated trainer? Where’s his Kent Katich? Turns out he has a home practice (here comes the plug) and yoga’s out to Yoga Journal‘s Step-by-Step DVDs. “Even just 10 minutes makes a difference,” he says, “I can definitely feel it.” You said it hot stuff.

Other yog-Olympians? Surely there are lots by now as yoga has entered the wide world of sports with great oomph…and ohm. Take 2006 Olympic Silver Medalist Gretchn Bleiler for example who was just profiled in the NYTimes. On Ms. Bleiler’s workout regimen:

Among the items she carries around the world — besides her board, clothes, vitamins and writing journal — is a yoga mat.

“It’s just a really great way to get your energy going,” she said. “If you wake up in the morning and you’re feeling tired, I feel like if you get on your yoga mat and even practice for like 10 or 15 minutes, it’s really great for just grounding you, centering you and getting the energy moving.”

Her stretching routine, usually done twice a day, involves a fluid succession of well-struck yoga poses, like sun salutation, warrior and downward-facing dog.

And there you have it. Yoga DOES do a body good 😉 Even for us desk chair office Olympians.

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