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Ask the Yogacist: But What STYLE of Yoga is Right for Me?

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yogacist-logoDo you choose a yoga style or does it choose you? Often times we’re asked the questions: what style is best for me? I hate to sit still, can I really do yoga? I don’t have time to take time for myself but I really want to find out what yoga is about.. where should I start?

Oy, so many underlying issues tucked in those Q’s, but we’re not even gonna go there. Let’s talk about Yoga. Where to start? There is a growing multitude of style and meditations on mutations these days: nudie? foodie? yoga on wheels? We understand, it’s overwhelming! But we promise, there is a yoga practice especially for you, and it may just be right there in your backyard, or your living room, or on the bus commuting to work.beer-choices First suggestion? Do a little reconn and gather as much info as you can using the internet machine. (Try about.com’s Yoga Style Guide for starting point reference. Maybe even try a free podcast! We recommend Elsie’s Yoga Kula)

Next, scan your area for local studios (there’s an app for that), and *free* or by donation classes (tip: check the YMCA, library, churches, community centers). Even our pals in red offer an array of free taster’s choice yoga opps.

Web surfers: If you’re getting antsy indoors and have a few minutes to click buttons try out Yoga Journal‘s Yoga Style Quiz. It may not answer whether or not you should be a Dogi or a laughter yogi, but it’ll get you moving one step closer to the mat.

Explorers: If you’re in NYC try blogger yogadeal’s great suggestion of the yoga passbook to sample studios all around town.

And just remember, like anything else worthwhile (recall trying to tie your shoes? a nightmare!), honing a yoga practice takes time, patience and a lil TLC.  Don’t forget, you’re not alone when you’re going over your grocery list in savasana!

Want more? Join the ever expanding and enlightening cyber sangha on twitter! Follow these inspiring yogitweeters and join the yogadorks twibe.

Good luck on your journey!

Have more beginner’s tips? please share in the comments…

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  • peg m

    how about the yoga personality quiz? – http://www.pegmulqueen.com/survey.html

  • Good read, thanks for the info

  • maybe we should be looking beyond “brand names” into the different qualities that can manifest in Yoga?

  • what a thoughtful question…! I didn’t love yoga until I started doing the style I currently practice.

    After trying different styles and teachers… you just figure out when you feel ‘home’ and which philosophy speaks the most truth to your heart : )

  • Determine your level: if you’re starting from scratch, the style of yoga doesn’t really makes a big difference; you’re learning the basics. Once you can remember the sequence of a sun salutation on your own, then you can start being picky about lineage and styles.

    Choice of Studios: once you narrow down your choices, give a studio more than a few sessions to decide if you like it or not. Some studios will give a first-time student low-priced pass so you can max out your sampling.

    The instructor is the key: if you find one you like, stick with him/her until you’re ready to move on. You need someone who can guide you through the process, not a drill sergeant or a guru who makes you feel like a ignoramus because you can’t remember the Sanskrit name of a posture.

    Outside of major cities, most people won’t have much choice: there will be a limited number of places and instructors to pick from. That’s when you can supplement your options with DVDs, on-demand videos and the Internet.

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