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Top 10 Yoga Tweeters on Twitter: Who Do You Nominate?

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yogadork-twitter-profile1Hey! We’ve been listed! And who doesn’t like a list?

YD pals elephantjournal put together an updated version of the Top Yoga Tweeters list and YD made it! We are humbled and honored. (yayy!) We had our first yogitwit list propped up almost a year ago now, geez, so we’re glad someone decided to give it a little 2010 spit shine.

Here it is so far, EJ’s list…(with YJ crossed out, zowch! we personally adore miss @yoga_mydrishti too)

Do you have suggestions, revisions, additions? Who are your faves?

1. @yogadork is fun, personal, serious, and knows and cares about yoga and community.

2. @anusarafriend is John Friend himself! His tweets are rare but not too rare, and they’re always full of wisdom and poetry.

3. I like @yoga_journal, though they don’t tweet half as much as they used to, so we’re going with@yoga_mydrishti.

4. @davekennedy he’s a great mensch, a dedicated yogi behind prAna, big innovator, supporter of elephant, friend. While I haven’t seen him tweeting quite so much as I used to, he’s a mover-shaker-director of traffic unparallelled.

5. the charming, energetic, fun, self-proclaimed yoga crone @corayoga, who tipped us off to Elvis Yoga, and now writes for elephant.

6. @bobweisenberg is amazing, everywhere, commenting, sparking dialogue, he’s patient yet firm, sharp, with a depth of understanding and kindness that makes my every day better.

7. @kathrynbudig

8. @tarastiles

9. @DeepakChopra, who though not yoga-focused is HUUUUGE (he has more followers than I have brain cells) and incredibly active and supportive on twitter. He’s constantly tweeting, replying if you tweet him, arguing, supporting…his moment to moment information stream is nearly unparalleled in twitterland.

10. ??

of course @elephantjournal and @waylonlewis get our vote for intelligent and informative insights on yoga, as well as other mindful topics in eco, green and conscious living.

Rock on.

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  • @debwilliamson – Master Teacher Deborah Williamson has a great string up on Twitter of BOTH original and best-loved transformational quotes. She comes up with some really fantastic stuff, and posts fairly frequently too. Coincidentally, she’s also a phenomenal teacher and teaches internationally at retreats, trainings, etc. But her Twitter is inspirational enough that I actually wrote a song based on her Twitter posts (I’m a songwriter) and am working on several others. GREAT stuff! 😉

  • Sarah

    Hey what about @yogaheals! Awesome tweeter with spirit, energy, and compassionate soul! And tweets daily awesome stuff!


  • Numbers 6 and 7 are my favorites. Love’em both!

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