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Celebriyogi Minnie Driver Gets Religious About Yoga

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minnie-driver-yogaBreaking Celebriyogi News! where else but on yogadork.com?

We can’t seem to find the source where she said this, though it’s blowing up all over the internets. Minnie Driver is one hot Cougaryogi Surfer Mama! (she’s 40 by the way, so we think it’s official). There she is above with her cute 17-month old bumpkin, Henry.

She said: “My church is surfing and yoga. If I can get in a surf or practice yoga then I will.

“Yoga’s great for when you’ve got a full brain and can’t stop the mind chatter.”

And here she is.. rare footage of her leaving yoga class!

Hey Minnie.. there’s also yoga for surfers! Anyone else out there ever hang ten in asana on the ocean? It’s not our thing, but it sure sounds like fun!


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  • admin

    y’all have spoken…though cougar is said with affection we will use it a little less frequently here on YD as to not offend. However, no one can pry celebriyogi away from our sweaty little palms.
    <3 you guys

  • I like that all these celebrities are doing Yoga. It creates an ever-growing market for your burgeoning #yogadork multi-national conglomerate brand.

    Bob Weisenberg

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