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Watch Bikram’s World Asana Championship Live, Prepare for Sweaty Olympics

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Yesterday we were musing about lululemon‘s stronghold on the color red and ganking of the Olympic Spirit. Today we have the world yoga cup live on our internets! It’s the USA Yoga Asana Championship! And it’s kicked off the same day as the opening to the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. A coincidence? Is it fate?! When will we see lulu-clad sweaty bikramites representing USA in the sport of Asana at the Olympics?? (we’re only half joking).


For those interested in watching half-naked people pose for 2 minutes at time, the competition goes on all weekend, and the finals are on Valentine’s Day… aww melty heart. Watch online…and, uh…judge for yourself? hmm. (our favorite is the scores running across the ticker at the bottom).

watch live here http://usayoga.org/usayoga/live/ and follow along with the facebook chat. also, you may want to follow @yogaballs and @ilovesweat on twitter for entertaining play by plays.

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