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Yoga Sells: Yoga’s Best TV Commercials

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yogas-best-tv-commercialsHowdy sportsfans, did you watch the Super Bowl? Wow, those football players sure know how to play football! OK, so we’re not fanatics – we’d rather be in downdog! – but every so often we’ll catch a little of the American roughhousing run, kick, tackle, repeat pastime on the tube. Of course, that’s typically just about once every February when the spectacle known as the Super Bowl invades our living rooms and tries to coax us into spending all our hard-earned money on beer and cars! This year’s commercials were, eh, not that impressive, except for maybe this one because who doesn’t love Betty White and Abe Vigoda!?

Anyway, in light of all the billions of dollars spent in order to sell things, we thought it apropos to gather together a list of the best yoga-inspired/exploited TV ads we could find and post em. So here they are, the Top TV Commercials Featuring Yoga!

Tell us: Annoying or fun?
Have you seen one we missed? Let us know!

BONUS for the Dutch!


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  • I’ll definitely get back to this post later. I’ve watched a few commercials already and they are hilarious 🙂 A good way to lighten up and gte relaxed in the middle of a busy day.

  • bloodsugar

    This isn’t an American ad, but it’s really funny–and has a relatively more body-positive image of yoga, IMHO.


  • Fun! Thanks for putting this collection together! I love the Mac commercial and the wise baby teaches yoga! As a former advertising exec and now yoga devotee,I find this trend fascinating. Madison Avenue also latches on to what is hot!

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