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Cameron Diaz: Cougaryogi Contender in a Bikini!

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cameron-diaz-yoga-020310AND NOW FOR BREAKING NEWS! Cameron Diaz stretches! In a bikini!

Nice uh.. plank, miss.

This sentence just kills us:

“The actress was spotted in her bikini in the Caribbean doing a strenuous yoga session.” [Daily Mail UK] Ah, the life of a celebriyogi! Strenuous yoga by the seaside. And just look at her lazy friends sitting there in the Caribbean sun NOT doing yoga. what slackers!

Cougaryogi Cammy D (she’s 37!) denies going to the gym, but reportedly trains with a yoga instructor 3 times a week. So naturally Ms. Diaz endeavors to get in a little peace and “me” time while finishing up action-romcom Knight and Day with pal Tom Cruise. We’d need a break from the zain-ified couch-jumper too! Though we’re not sure what’s going on in this pic… virabhadrasana III? Surfin’ USA?

cameron diaz yoga vira3

So does Mr. Top Gun do yoga? We dunno, but he sure could use it. They do make kids size mats — just kidding Tom! Speaking of kids, we’re pretty sure wifey Katie Holmes has a practice and maybe even Suri! suri-cruise-high-heelsClose to this time last year Star Magazine reported: “Katie enrolled Suri in a yoga class in L.A. in the summer, and Suri loved it.”

“She took to it quickly and kept asking to do more,” a source adds. “Katie likes yoga because it helps deal with stress. Now they can do it together.”

Cute! It must feel great after a day in heels!


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  • Oh, YogaDork!! I always get such a good laugh reading your stuff! Heels on a little girl is really quite ridiculous. Thx for pointing out such great silly stuff!

  • lol! i love it when the british tabloid press covers yoga. the mirror (an even trashier tabloid) article on this breaking news event started off with the following sentence: “Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz proves that no matter how daft you look while doing yoga, the results are worth it in the end.”

    cameron might just be my favourite cougaryogi. but 37 ~ that’s cougar territory, already?!? i have to look at that chart again…

  • admin

    haha roseanne that lead sentence is awesome!

    ya know..according to the chart she’s still a puma! I think we’re just going to go with cougar for the 35’s and up from now on (which is 40-59 the officials tell us). It sounds so much better 🙂

  • sounds good! cougaryogi has a better ring to it than “pumayogi,” anyway.

  • Actually, I’ve heard folks use “cougar” for any female hooked up with a younger dude. So, if a 25-year-old working girl spends her free time with that 19-year-old undergrad… Cougar.

    Anyway, Cameron D (who will turn 38 this August) was hanging out with Justin T (who is 29), so…

  • yeah… but i think one of the qualities of true “cougardom” is being over 35, or at least 30. it has something to do with significant age and experience – and something to with being on the prowl. check out the urban dictionary def’n: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=cougar

  • oh, the intricacies of a yoga blog commentaries debating the meaning of the word “cougar”

    definitely the go-to experts, i would say

  • OK, I do agree that Definition #1 requires age over 35. The under-30 cougar would be Definition #3, at most.

    Let’s change the subject: Check out Suri’s kitten heels. Now, I often write about feet in my blog–not only about feet, but about the havoc that heels wreak on feet (bunions are bad news). So, if I were Katie…

    Check out my recent post on barefoot running: Click on the link to Tim Ferriss’s blog and find the drawing of the woman in heels–with a back woefully kyphotic/lordotic.

  • Oh YD, you DO crack me up. Is she wearing that sticky stuff on her bum that the beauty contestants use? Must be – otherwise, yoga in a bikini?! A little treacherous, yes? One ‘slip’ and well, Cameron would be overexposed in a whole new way…

    Love that Suri and mom go to yoga. If ever on the East Coast, sure hope they’ll find ChildLight Yoga 🙂

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