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Epic Central Park Yoga Event in the Works: Set to Rival Simon and Garfunkel Reunion?

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yogis-yoga-at-moma-downdog-10Did you make it into this year’s YoGA at MoMA? Luck you! We hear it was a spectacular affair with over 300 yogis parked under the massive whale skeleton strung from the 60ft high ceiling. Gorgeous!

The event was masterminded by Flavorpill co-founder Sascha Lewis, who can up with the idea back in 2004, but only got to convincing the folks at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) when Pipilotti Rist’s playful installment last year screamed for a downward dog extension. The thing is, yoga-ing amidst creative works is like a living breathing art installation in and of itself, but only so many sweaty bodies can fit within the confines of a gallery. In fact, this time over 1,500 eager beavers emailed for a mat spot and only 300 got in! Right, so what’s the only natural next step for organized synchronized sun salutations? Take it to the park!

In light of such overwhelming interest, Lewis is focusing on a way to make these yoga spectaculars accessible to a much larger community. He won’t divulge the date, but says city officials have agreed to make Central Park available during the summer.

We’re not holding our breath for Woodstock proportions, but surely this has the potential for epic awesomness. That’s right Simon and Garfunkel, yogis are coming to make history in Central Park!

If you went to YoGA at MoMA, tell us how it was and send pics!


[pretty images via Huffington Post and photog Wayne Price]

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  • sangos

    Am from India and am feel touched and inspired by such displays of ethusiastic interest in Yoga in other countries. Matter of fact we dont have anything comparable in this country AFAIK

  • lulu

    just to clarify – MOMA is the Museum of Modern Art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a whole ‘nother thang.

  • admin

    ha.. met on the brain. thanks lulu

  • a temporary website address.. Where do we sign up for Elena’s class in Central Park? Please confirm me at 516.369.3171. Looking forward. We trained together.

  • This is very cool. Timely with all this stuff going on. Did you see the George Harrison special about his spiritual journey.
    Awakened yogi- Sadhguru coming from India to do kriya training in the area
    on Nov 5 and 6. Love him. He’s the real deal.

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