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Indian Inmates Reduce Sentence with Prison Yoga!

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prison-yoga-2010Getting out on good behavior? Sure, we’ve heard of it. But who knew yoga would be the ticket to early release!

Apparently that is just the case in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, where practicing yoga will cut down an inmate’s sentence 15 days for every 3 months they attempt the down dog (not sure if it’s required every day).

According to authorities the practice helps “to improve the prisoners’ self-control and reduce aggression.” Which we can only assume then helps the overall state of mind, not to mention mind/body connection (we know all about it, we’re yogadorks). Reportedly close to 4,000 inmates across the state have joined in on the new program! Hopefully this is good news and the inmates will continue with yoga outside the clink.

An inmate at Gwalior central jail, Narayan Sharma – who has now moved on to become an instructor – says it helps to banish the “angry thoughts” in his mind.

“It was these thoughts that made me commit crimes,” he said.

“I hope that after we are released, we can use what we have learned and promote yoga in society so that people no longer commit crime.”

Some are even turning instructors. We’re optimistic!

Watch the video on the BBC link, the it’s pretty mesmerizing. Would this work in the US? ps. they also get reduction points for literacy classes and studying for degrees. and we won’t know for sure the severity of the crimes involved.

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  • boodiba

    I find myself knocking off WAY less banks & delis when I’m practicing a six-day week…

  • I saw this as a tidbit in the daily city rag the other day and giggled. But I thought it was great! Enough pranayama and asana will change the way a person thinks and feels. And if that’s enough to keep these prisoners from returning to jail in future, then yay! Go yoga!!

  • sangos

    The Prana energy overrides the ego at the Pranamaya Kosa level. That prevents crime which manifests in a reverse state! Most criminals have strong PK but even stronger false ego….’yoga theory'(Buddha’s most celebrated disciple was Angulimala – fingerfries)

  • anonymous

    In the US, the state and county govt.’s have contracted with privatized prison facilities guaranteeing them occupancy, so no chance that this will get implemented. Corporate profits are more important.


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