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Calling all YogaDorks: Design a T-Shirt for Haiti Disaster Relief

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haiti_port-au-princeListen up! We’ve been wondering what we can do here on YD to help with disaster relief in Haiti after it was rocked by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake January 12, 2010. Well we had an idea and with the encouragement of some fine folks we’re very pleased to announce a design a tee contest to raise money for aid. It’s very simple: YOU send in designs. YOU vote on the winner. YOU buy the tee. WE ALL help Haiti. We’re going to keep this straight up for charity, so basically having the winning design IS the prize (and everyone wins, helping the cause and getting a pretty great tee in the process).

To make things as quick and easy as possible, the winning design will be printed on American Apparel Unisex T-Shirts (s, m, l , xl – color tbd) and will cost $15 + $3 shipping, so $18 total. (those not in the US please give a shout at yogadork@gmail.com for shipping). Once the designs are submitted we’ll have a little poll below for everyone to vote, after which we’ll have a paypal button for purchase. ALL profits will go to The American Red Cross. (http://www.redcross.org/en/) Obviously, time is of the essence – so please submit your designs asap! All submissions should be sent to yogadork@gmail.com by early dawn Thursday latest. Then we can have a vote, take preorders and get these tees in the works! ps. it doesn’t have to be super yoga related, but remember we’re yogadorks here showing our support. Good idea? Send in your designs! yogadork@gmail.com, or if you have the design online, hook up the linkage in the comments below. THANK YOU. (above harrowing photo from boston.com)

DESIGN ENTRIES: Please vote! (in the comments or in the poll below – all will be tallied)

NOTE: numbers are above each design

#1 haitiyogadorkshirtfront #2 haitiom-sarahboyce #3

daynya-shirt-design-1 #4 daynya-shirt-design-2 #5 daynya-shirt-design-3 #6 helphaitiyogi-acoveno #7 heather-sison-haiti #8




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