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Cora Wen Demos ‘Headless’ Headstand (video)

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Have you heard about the Sirsasana Challenge 2010? It’s on! Read this post featuring impromptu-Sirsa queen Cora Wen, and view the first photos on the YD facebook page to get an idea!
So speaking of Cora, and headstands, how bout a little how-to video featuring both? For this one there are lots of fun props, but you don’t even need a head! Kinda. The “headless headstand” is perfect for yogis squeamish about smooshing their noggins, and excellent for anyone with neck or back issues who shouldn’t compress the spine. Just watch. Take it away Ms. Yogacrone! (we love that she says hello to “yogadorks” πŸ™‚ )

EarlierMeet Cora Wen! And the Sirsasana Challenge, It’s On 2010

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  • Awesomeness! Well done, Cora! πŸ™‚

  • I love this.. i need to get the hubs to make me some chairs..

  • Great idea! Will try it!

  • That looks like pure bliss…..

  • Thanks for the Pajamas series and keep ’em comin’, Cora!

  • This style of headstand with the chairs has always made me cringe in fear! Could the chairs break? Collapse? Has that ever happened? Probably not…I’m sure i’m just being a total scaredy cat πŸ˜‰ Anyone have any words of encouragement to help me let go of my fear?!

  • sangos

    Yea this is one dramatic asana….attention grabber!

  • Meaghan ~ this is actually a LOT easier than it looks, and once you try it with someone to show you and help the first time, you will get over the fear. The only discomfort can be the “guillotine” feeling around the neck, so if you have past life issues, then…. πŸ˜‰

    I have put people who carry extra weight, have shoulder and neck issues and just peeps with fear about headstand into this pose, and they Love it!!

    Find a good Iyengar teacher and they will be able to help you into this pose… http://www.iynaus.org/

  • Use plenty of mats just like in the video. Too little cushion = sore shoulders. It’s not scary, just different. Go for it!

  • sophie

    Very fun! I just tried it last week! I call it the Upside-Down Guillotine :))

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