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YogaDork Poll: Vote for the Sexiest Celebriyogi of 2009!

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stephen-colbert-speedskater-lotusOK so it’s 2010, a whole new shiny decade…ooooh fancy. But how can we justly venture into the untamed future without honoring the days of yoga past? We warned you this would happen. Yes, it is YogaDork’s 2009 Sexiest Celebriyogi Poll! And man are we excited about it. This is all very scientific of course, in a custom-made yogadork-icized poll. Superficial? pssht. We’re not too high and haughty to admit we like to admire the elongated spines of the celebrity lot. Plus, it’s fun!

Here’s the long list…separated by female/male. Maybe you can help us narrow it down and we’ll have the final voting next week for the top 10 Sexiest Celebriyogis* of 2009! (*we couldn’t include every celebriyogi, but if you find any glaring omissions let us know!)

When you’re done voting, head on over to YogaDawg’s List for 2010…Because in this era of modern yoga, one om you’re IN, and the next om you’re OUT.

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  • Love you Stephen, but Zachary Quinto (and those exquisite eyebrows) was THE male celebriyoga of 2009!

  • Sarah

    Zachary Quinto could probably do headstand using only his eyebrows for balance. ftw.

  • I give Stephen extra points for the the photo above being obviously photo-shopped. Never trust a celebrity who claims sincerity.

  • Gosh, here’s a topic that never would have come up in the yoga world until recently. We’re so hip.

  • Jennifer Anniston can NOT win the female category! C’mon yogadorks! Halle Berry FTW! And for the guys, Ryan Kwanten rwoaaaarrrrrr!! 😉

  • Sara

    Zach Quinto. That is all.

  • Cool, I’m not the only one who has a crush on Zach Quinto.

  • Ditto Svasti on the female choice, but as a Brit it’s got to be Jude…

  • innerspaceyoga

    I had to vote for Andie McDowell because she’s in my yoga class. I think she’s off most people’s radar at present, tho. She leaves before savasana. I should give her points off for that, I think.

  • Andie McDowell was in a Bikram class with me once and, yes, left before savasana. She is gorgeous, her skin, that hair …. didn’t vote for her though. 🙂

  • Ann

    Who the hell is Zachary Quinto??? I guess I’ll have to google him. Matthew McConaughey is so hot.

  • sangos

    Hey Yogi(nis)whats the sequence to get Zachbrows?

    -dudedork using eyeliner-

  • Dave Mustaine?! From Megadeth? No kidding…

  • admin

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