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Follow the Light! Yoga for SAD, Winter, Hangovers

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nancy-snow-adho-mukha-vrksasana1Though it might not feel like it, in these dark, cold days of January, the daylight hours for us Northern folks are slowwwly creeping longer. Really! Before you know it, it’ll be spring! But let’s not rush things, eh? There’s something to be said for the quiet stillness of these winter days, and what better time is there than the birth of a new year to nurture and restore! And so, dear yogadorks, we invite you take a moment for a little new decade pampering by checking some great links below. And if you haven’t already, head on over to our giveaway post for a chance to win Judith Hanson Lasater’s “Living Your Yoga”, a guide to living your practice in daily life.

Follow the light!

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  • I have the perfect solution for SAD: going to India! tomorrow!

    and thanks for advertising Metta Yoga’s Yoga Adventure in Africa, YDork, you can remove the .jpg. the retreat is filled with Arusha yogis with people also going in and out for individual classes and my dharma talks.

    I am blessed.

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