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Watch ‘Yoga, Inc.’ For Free Online!

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yoga-inc-posterYoga’s busting out all over. We’ve broached, and bemoaned the topic many times here on YD, yoga-ing in a country that has YT talent agencies, money-nabbing licensing debacles, and mats you can snap up at Best Buy. But is this boom of yoga all bad? John Philp may have a few things to say about it (Bikram fans beware!). Along the lines of great Yogamentaries, Yoga Inc., by John Philp, ranks way up with “YogaDork MUST SEE” whether you’re loving, or crying about, the boppin’ yoga pop.

Brief Description: “Greed, lust, ego and the search for enlightenment all come together in this original, irreverent portrait of spiritualism and capitalism colliding head on.”

And Philp is referred to as “the Michael Moore of yoga.” yep.

Haven’t seen it? Click on the lil video widget below and it’ll lead to where you can watch the whole dang thing. Have a qualm, snarl or comment? Let’s start the discussion below!

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  • Transpogue

    I think it’s very important for yoga practitioners to be mindful of what I guess you could call Big Yoga. I practice in a studio where my classes usually top off at twelve people, and I forget about the other world of yoga beyond my own mat. It makes me uneasy to see how much money there is to be made from yoga, but we are living in this reality. What’s important then, above all, is to conscious of it, and keep practicing the yoga that we love.

  • I love a yogamentry.
    Check out ours ” Posers” on http://www.yogamatic.com

  • I love a Yogamentary.
    Check out ” Posers” on the yogamatic.com web site

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