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YogaDorks Have Their Say: A 2009 Polls Recap

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Happy January 4th! Just like any other day right? Or is it? Not on YD. Nope today it’s 2009 Poll Recap Day! If you’ve ever felt the need to voice your opinion on the yogadork topic du jour then you’ve probably been aware of our penchant for poll-yness. Did you cast your vote in the polls? Scroll down to see the results of 2009’s voice of the cyber sangha!

Should Men Wear Short or Long Shorts to Yoga Class? (twtpoll)


Is it ok for a man to go shirtless in yoga class? (twtpoll)


Yoga in the Holiday Hustle (poll)


Pie in the Sky Yoga Gift – Holiday 2009 (poll)


Celeb Yoga Endorsements: Good or Bad? What if it’s Paris Hilton? (poll)


And the all important sidebar poll:


Thanks for participating! We vote more polls in 2010!

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  • innerspaceyoga

    I vote for a unitard poll….

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