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YogaDork Giveaway: Win ‘Living Your Yoga’, A Book for a New Decade, A New You

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We ask you, what’re the final few days of 2009 without a YD giveaway? Yep, there’s still time to squeeze one in, 2009! As we shimmy our way into the dawn of a new decade, what plans do you have for closing the chapter of ’00s and sallying forth into the wild yonder of millennium teens?

Allow us to assist you with that, you fine specimens. Presenting the final giveaway of 2009! And what a perfect way to end the year and begin anew with Judith Hanson Lasater’s Living Your Yoga.

About the book:

In Living Your Yoga, Judith Lasater stretches the meaning of yoga beyond its familiar poses and breathing techniques to include the events of daily lifeβ€”all of themβ€”as practice. Using the time-honored wisdom of the Yoga Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita to steer the course, the author serves up off-the-mat practices to guide you in deepening your relationships with yourself, your family and friends, and the world around you.

It’s off the mat and into 2010!

TO ENTER: Since we’re already full of yummy treats, this one is going to be cake. Have a favorite memory or reflection from 2009? Have a plan in the pipeline for 2010? An asana to work on? A goal to live more mindfully? Add your thoughts in the comments! That’s it.

Oh, and there will be TEN copies to giveaway, and you’ll ave until the end of next week to enter. Hooray for free and helpful things! Winners will be chosen at random and announced next week.

Happy New Year! Happy New You πŸ™‚

Huge thanks to Rodmell Press for making this giveaway possible.

Also check out JudithLasater.com


Thank you all so much for offering your motivational goals and reflections. Cheers for 2010! The 10 winners are listed below (as they were randomly chosen, with comment #’s to help)

7 Andrea
24 Jennifer
33 Lena
5 Jessica
19 Brooke
26 Shannon
45 Nick David Wright
66 Sally King
58 moi
10 blackorice

Please send your mailing addresses to yogadork@gmail.com!

71 comments… add one
  • My goal for 2010 and beyond is to balance being proactive in making room for a yoga practice in my daily life with being forgiving of myself when I don’t reach my goal. This book looks like such a treat–what a great giveaway.

  • Darlene

    My goals for 2010 are to live more mindfully, be less judgemental of others and myself, and learn / memorize / pronounce the Sanskrit names for the asanas in the Ashantga Primary Series.

  • My goal for 2010 is simple: to live a healthier life. I find it hard to stick to specific rules. Hopefully, that goal will include making sure I do my asanas daily, not just most days.

  • My desire for 2012 is to surrender more to Krsna (God) and to pick back up my daily hatha yoga routine. =) and to chant more. Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare!! Chant and Be Happy!

  • Jessica

    My goal for 2010 is to get on my mat more often, whether in class or at home, and do a better job of taking my practice into my everyday life and not just leaving it behind when I am done.

  • Taiga

    My goals for 2010 are to drink more water, eat better lunches, and meditate!

  • My number one resolution is to spend more time at my studio of choice, Sacred Ground Yoga, as well as participate in the extracurricular activities offered with the Sacred Ground family.

  • Shaaron

    I have resolved to practice Sutra 1.33 to the best of my ability for 2010 and beyond: β€œBy cultivating attitudes of friendliness toward happiness, compassion toward suffering, delight toward virtue, and equanimity toward vice, thoughts become purified, and the obstacles to self-knowledge are lessened.”

  • Wow. My practice has changed drastically in 2009 and because of Yoga I was able to make it through 2009. I look forward to 2010 and an even stronger practice!

  • Blacorice

    One of my main goals for 2010 is directly tied to one of my now favorite memories of 2009. Over Christmas, my parents visited from out of town. In anticipation of their visit, I found myself setting intentions of togetherness at the beginning of yoga class. Little did I know, this would translate to them not being able to travel to the cabin they’d rented due to road conditions. We all stayed in one house for the first time in what seems like forever; Mom, Dad, Sister, Bro-in-law, and myself. We got off to a pretty rocky start, but my sister and I solicited a “cards on the table” style direct discussion with Mom and Dad about the communication issues that continue to drive us apart. After over an hour of hashing it out, everyone saw the need for directness and agreed to work at making it a habit. This will not solve our communication problems alone, but it has opened a door that has long been closed in my family. Opening this door led us to a wonderful, relaxed Christmas, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

  • Tamlyn

    My goal for 2010 is simple: become a Yoga teacher πŸ™‚ the best memory of 2009 is our trip to london. So much love πŸ™‚

  • My three areas of intention for 2010 are spend more time in meditation, let go of fear – postures like handstand and focus on building core strength in that order

  • Daniel

    My goal for this up coming year is to be in the best shape of my life (Currently 36), physical and mental.

  • Mats

    My expectations for 2010 are to be able to go deeper into my yoga and pranayama practice. I have started with yoga nidra, and want to continue learning more about it. I also want to study jnana yoga, and try that out.

    But most of all I hope I will be able to mix yoga wisdoms into my daily life, and start sharing with people in my neighbourhood.

  • Kirisa

    My goal is to not be so hard on myself. Both on and off the mat I have sky high expectations of myself. And then when I don’t meet my impossible goals I am even harder on myself – thus continuing the cycle. I am going to be more forgiving and really listen to my body and mind.

  • Sarah

    My goal for 2010 is to work on being present in every moment, bringing that aspect of my practice off the mat.

  • We live in SoCal and are currently in a drought with no signs things are going to get better. A couple of years ago I joined by 65 home HOA’s board to work on ways to reduce water usage since I knew mandatory reductions were coming. In 2010 my goal is to make this plan finally come to fruition.
    Native/drought tolerant landscaping and removal/reduction of lawns
    Replacement of 20+ year old irrigation systems
    Installation of free low flow shower heads in every home
    Installation of low flow toilets in every home
    … and my favorite…
    A series of water reclamation tanks throughout the community to harvest and utilize rainwater for irrigation!

  • my favorite memory of 2009? so many to choose from…watching the room fill with loving faces as i prepared to teach my first yoga class ever is at the top of the list. grateful for the amazing abundance i’ve had this year, and looking forward to more in 2010. my goal for the coming year? to see opportunities as gifts, and challenges as opportunities…

  • My goal for 2010 is to have an even stronger, consistent yoga and meditation practice and to be grateful everyday.

  • Adrianne Walker

    Having had a challenging end to 2009, I’ve decided that my goal for 2010 is to revisit the way that I reacted and acted to those events I found difficult or distasteful. By looking over how I have behaved, perhaps I can learn from my ‘mistakes’ (is anything really a mistake if you can learn from it?) and come to a place where I can see challenges as gifts and carry that skillful, mindful way through into 2010. As a yoga teacher, I’ll also attempt to share my observations with students and friends and family in a gentle, loving way.
    So often we are hit with surprises and rather than sit back and observe, we too quickly react without wisdom or understanding who, where and why we are in the moment. Isn’t life, it’s ups and downs, such an incredible journey?!
    Oh yeah, and I’m going to floss EVERY DAY!
    Love and blessings, faith and acceptance,

  • Brenda

    I want to continue to grow in my yoga practice. In March 2009 I lost my father after a battle with cancer. I was by his side all the way. In May I took a yoga class, I was searching for something to help me regain my strength and serenity. Yoga was it! I loved it. I loved the calmness I achieved while learning relaxation techniques. I learned to be joyful again!

  • Janine smith

    This has been an amazing year of self transformation for me, I have given myself time to do more for me , i am a giver at heart and found it hard for so many years to give to myself, my practice of Kundalini (7 years now) has finally kicked in ,self love is so important, Thank-you 2009 for letting so much light into my heart, I look forward to 2010 starting with a yoga retreat in Yukatan Mexico , I hope the world heads towards peace and understanding this coming year, May we all shine on and help.
    Give, Give and Give more …………….

  • Katia

    My favourite memory from 2009 was the moment my son came into the world. His arrival was a culmination of nine months (give or take) of the most intense connection I have ever felt with another being. Talk about learning to be in the present moment! I enjoyed every single minute of growing that little life inside me, with his expertly soccer champ-style kicks to remind me of his affection (so I liked to think each time I felt him pound on the inside of my ever-growing belly). When I finally looked into his face for the very first time, immediately after that final push, I was overcome with a wave of familiarity and the profound idea that he was no longer a physical part of me, and yet, that nothing could ever sever the cord that exists between us. In 2010, I look forward to continuing to nurture the heart that beats outside of my chest. And of course, I will continue to enjoy what I like to refer to as my ‘zen mama lifestyle’ — striving to remain in the moment during the most frazzled moments is a true challenge for any Yogi, and one that I am ready to face head-on.

  • …I will end this year in the present in the now.
    I will eat chocolate and drink chlorophyll.
    I will spend as much time as I can with my son and as little time as I can burdened by the past and or the future.
    I will enter this new year in the present in the now,
    with a cat on my lap and light in my heart…
    …and hopefully a new book to read πŸ˜‰

  • Shannon

    My goal for 2010 is reconcile with my father. I feel that I am more equipped not to handle this situation since I have started working on yoga and I hopefully will be come stronger as 2010 moves forward.

  • Shannon

    Working with yoga to strengthen my inner self has been an amazing path. My goal for 2010 will be to continue learning and becoming a stronger person who will be more equipped to handle situation that are difficult without beating up on myself and feeling as though everything is my fault. I will continue down the path of learning to love myself.

  • Lisa

    …to deeply accept myself and to deeply accept others just as we are and in this moment.

  • Daniel

    2008 – The year I easily quit smoking.
    2009 – The year I went vegetarian.
    2010 – ???

  • My goal for 2010 is to become a yoga teacher and start teaching free yoga classes to local Philadelphia communities/ health clinics.

  • Maureen

    With the economy the way it is I am hoping to find a job for 2010. I have a health issue but I also need to pay bills.

  • 2010 is going to be a VERY BIG year for me, both professionally & as a yogi – I’m writing my first book, which just happens to be about yoga! I’ve already started the process & the manuscript is due to the publisher on February 15th. I couldn’t be more excited & am uber-eager to share my knowledge with others.

  • Lindsay

    My asana goal for 2010 – scorpion! My off the mat goals for 2010 are to smile, laugh and meditate more!

  • Lena

    2009 was a difficult year for me until I was introduced to an amazing yoga instrutor that taught me the true meaning of Love. Most importantly I’ve finally learned to love myself first . The yantra and Chakra teachings and practices have brought peace into my life. My belief is that in 2010 my spririt will grow in me and with me into my everyday life. Namaste.

  • Mamaste

    I plan to plan less and trust more!!!!

  • I want to publish my eBook in a hardcopy version. The only reason I want to do this is that there are large numbers of people who will only read a regular book, as opposed to an eBook. I don’t want to miss this audience for my writing.

    It’s a little bit of a dilemma, though. I don’t wish to sell anything. I simply want to do the best I can in helping anyone who’s interested learn more about Yoga philosophy. But I will have to charge for a hardcopy book version of “YogaDemystified” to recoup my costs.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • Kris

    My goals for the 2010 year are to complete my YTT and off the mat focus on living for the moment. My daily routine is to start the day with a yoga practice and a smile.

  • I have two goals: 1.) to develop a meditation practice and 2.) start teaching yoga after finishing my YTT


  • My goals for 2010 are primarily to defend my MFA thesis by March, deepen my yoga practice, and go back to work. I would also like to relearn the practice of writing everyday by blogging more regularly.

  • My goal for next year is to fully embrace what the universe if offering me. There have been times I’ve resisted stepping fully into my path. It’s clear to me now that the time for action is NOW. I am resolved to follow that direction, no matter how hard, no matter what comes, no matter the risk of failure because the energy I am feeling is BIG and in my heart like butterflies. I will be open to receive!

  • Hello,

    One of my most remembered mommets of 2009, we saw one giant comet that fell from the sky on christmas eve, while my husband was driveing us to my mothers house . it fell in the centre of our veiw, i dont know what is was but it was strong, bright and special!

    I have set my self a very large goal for 2010, I am going to chalange my mind, body and spirt, with the body fitness chalange in los vegas in july 2010. with this chalange i will need all the focus I can get.

    I have studyed yoga for the last 2 years, I started because i needed to find myself ! in so many differnt ways. and i have come SO far with the yoga practice and my excirse , I dont even look like the same person πŸ™‚ Do to the ecomey yoga is very pricey in the area i live. So with that i have turned to internet and videos etc. teaching my body and haveing it excell in front of my face is amazing. I am needing a bible to help me guide myself to my goals with a healthy focus , it will be quite a jorney.

    thank you for letting me shar emy story’s with with you

  • Karen (Yoga Sweetie)

    I’ll think back on 2009 as the year I re-ignited my yoga practice. After 8 years of practicing my yoga had become stale and was taking a back seat to other things (work mainly). Thanks to the economic downturn my practice got the focus and attention it needed. Like a neglected houseplant it grew back strong, flourished and blossomed with a little TLC. And now I love it more than ever ❀
    I also started Tweeting in 2009, ‘met’ all the #yogadorks and am grateful for so many big-hearted, funny and inspiring cyber friends ❀
    In 2010 my goal is to continue to grow and learn via my YTT, so that I can share this amazing gift of yoga with others.

  • Time and space are concepts created by humans for their convenience. As such, there is no special significance of the New Year Eve or Day. I would like to learn how to live every moment as if it were the beginning of a new life. Living in the present and now is the only way I can hope to achieve peace and tranquility of the mind.
    Om shanti,

  • Ann

    2009 I became a successful yoga teacher. Feel very grateful to see my regular students show up week after week and progress in their practice. Realizing that my “success” is measured my own progress as a teacher and the privilege to participate in other people’s yogic discovery. My intention for 2010 is to regularly attend yoga classes for my own practice. Happy New Year!

  • One big goal for 2010 is to build our straw bale house! Another–to complete my yoga teacher training course in May and start teaching yoga.

  • My memory from 2009 …

    I’ve been looking for a simple exercise routine for quite a while. But nothing ever really chimed with me. I’d been seeing more and more about yoga in a wide variety of magazines, so one day I went to see what kind of videos iTunes had that I could purchase. I found a PM Yoga routine iTunes was giving away for free so I downloaded it, and that first night I knew I’d found what I’d been looking for. Camping all summer was very unkind to my back, and yoga has taken care of all that pain along with the numbness and tingling I had been experiencing.

    I love it.

  • Katie

    My goal for 2010 is to continue to expand the ways I use/teach yoga to my therapy clients and therapist students.

  • Bill

    I have intensified my yoga practice, upped my other fitness exercises, and improved my diet (eating more plants) for several months now to be more fit for a big birthday coming up. My goal is to continue these regimens beyong the birthday!

  • Annie

    2010 for me will bring a big move out of state, a concentrated effort to pursue a new career, and as a result the discomfort of the unknown and challenges inherent with such big changes. I hope that my yoga practice will aid me in embracing these things. In more “what’s your resolution” terms, I want to become better at listening, and also at storytelling, in all forms, in the year ahead.

  • Amanda

    2010 will be yet another big year of changes as my first-born leaves home and my husband has a major shift in job direction. I intend to embrace my yoga practice more deeply in order to remain the grounded influence in our lives.

  • break down barriers, push past mediocrity, live in the moment – 2010 is going to be incredible!

  • Tara

    My goal for 2010 is to finish the Yoga Teacher Training program I’m in and start imparting on my own students the great gift of yoga! I also would like to work on deepening my practice off the mat through greater compassion for myself and others. This book would help me do that!

  • Bethany

    My goal for 2010 is to simply be here now.

  • My goal for 2010 is self-care every day: yoga+music.

  • Tory

    My goals for 2010 are: (1)I will be positive every. single. day and make at least 3 people smile. (2) I will make yoga an everyday practice.

    My most favorite memory for 2009? I was able to spend the holiday season with my family for the first time in 4 years!

  • darbylee

    I began my yoga practice in 2009, and I would like to continue my practice in 2010. My goal is to dedicate time each day to the mat so I might grow and learn in my practice.

  • KrisM

    2010 will be a year full of all good things physically, mentally and spiritually….do lots of yoga, eat lots of good things, and take time to enjoy life.

  • Cameron

    2009 bubbled to a close with the energies of impending change churning below the surface. As those bubbles pop I hope each energetic release calls me to greater awareness and invokes a stronger connection to the trifold path of yoga, writing, and photography I feel before me.

  • Moi

    My goal in my yoga is to just be, surrender with no expectations. I think I’m finally learning.

  • I’m working on:
    * breathing
    * making full use of my senses
    in every moment.

  • In general, continue to notice how much my asana practice infiltrates my off-the-mat life through breath and body awareness, counterposes, backbending for energy, forwardbending for calm, focus, and intent.

  • My work on Bakasana is carrying on from ’09 into ’10. I had a breakthrough on the living room floor of my in-law’s house over the Christmas break! Pushing the floor away with your hands and really lifting out of the elbows provides a great lift in the pose! Someday very very soon I’ll be able to hold it for more than a few seconds. I have some less-egotistical goals as well…but I’ll keep those to myself for now πŸ˜‰

  • Working on getting off my mat more, when teaching yoga.

    Also to stay off the computer!


  • In 2010 I will perfect scorpion and bakasana. I will learn and pronounce all sanskrit terms for asanas and series. Teach more classes and be a better teacher for myself and my students. I will think only postive thoughts about myself and others as well.

    Stick with a good home practice as well meditation daily. My headstand will be perfect by end of January so i can pop up anywhere like Cora.

  • In 2009, I had a week of perfect gratitude. I was able to meet and thank two people whose work has utterly transformed my life. One was a former geneticist who helped formulate the biologic drug that keeps me walking, playing and down dogging; the other was Anusara Yoga founder John Friend, whose insight on the human form and embodying bliss keeps me present in my body, no matter how tricky a place it can be at times.

  • My goal for 2010 is to move into the new life phase of first-time motherhood with as much patience, grace, and minfulness as I can.

  • 2010. It’s finally here. My life changed drastically (physically, emotionally, and financially) in 2009 and I had to accept the reality in all three areas. Very challenging. My goal for 2010 (and forever) is to try to let more things “roll off my back”; I mean, the things that really aren’t my fault and the things that I shouldn’t take so seriously. This goal demands that I live in the present and appreciate all that I have; to have my “eyes looking forward” while still living in the NOW. I’ve truly realized that we are not in control of many aspects of our lives; a huge lesson for me! Sure, I “want” certain asanas (full wheel, for example), but more than that, I want to learn to be unflappable.

  • Molly

    My hope for 2010 is that I learn to patient with myself and all that life hands me.

  • Becky

    My 2010 intention is to be polite with my energy and meet my future boyfriend! Namaste to all.

  • My 2010 intention is to take advantage of the career crossroads I’ve been offered at the completion of my PhD and center my new career path on what I really LOVE doing rather than what I’ve been trained to do!

  • admin

    winners have been announced! if you haven’t checked it could be you πŸ™‚
    thanks to all!

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