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Top YogaDork Posts of 2009, A Year of Yoga News and Stuff

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2009-glasses-yd-greenWhat a year! As we count down the remaining days of what we know to be 2009, we can’t help but look back on the year that put yogadorks on the map. Oh sure, there were LOTS of posts here on YD, but some stood out more than others, and some for more obvious reasons than others, as you may notice, ahem.

So here they are, our top posts of 2009, followed by some faves. Did we miss any? Which topics stood out for you the most this year in yoga news?

Top Hits:

  1. Celebs Orgy Around Nude Yoga, A Nudie Booty ‘Gimmick’?
  2. Who is the “EiEi Yoga” Farmer? Meet Max Thomas, aka “Yogi Oki Doki”
  3. Playboy’s Got Your Naked Yoga Bunny
  4. First Photos From ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Movie Set, Plus Casting Updates
  5. Tara Stiles Models For American Apparel Yoga, Keeps Clothes On
  6. Selling Out: Yoga Talent Agency Seeks A-list Yoga Teachers Seeking Fame
  7. Eat Pray Love Ex-Husband Responds With Memoir, Own World Travels
  8. Old Navy Throws First Punch With Anti-Lululemon Ad
  9. Yoga ‘Don’ Bikram Choudhury Calls American Yoga ‘Fucked Up Circus’
  10. YogaDork Interviews Kate Churchill and Nick Rosen of Yogamentary Film ‘Enlighten Up!’
  11. This Too Shall Pass: Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Dead at 93
  12. Happy 91st Birthday BKS Iyengar!
  13. Celeb Yoga Endorsements: Good or Bad? What if it’s Paris Hilton?

Editor’s picks:

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  • Well, this is the year I discovered YogaDork, so I have no previous years to compare this one to, but yes, what a terrific years it’s been. Keep up the great work. You are clearly at the very center of the Yoga blogo-universe.

    Bob Weisenberg

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