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YogaDork Makes Best of 2009! Thank you!

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2009-glasses-ydLovely yogadorks! Can you believe it’s the end of the year already? And not only that, the end of a decade! Wow. Well, 2009 was filled with tons of fun and fascinating discussions on YD thanks to all the awesome and insightful yogadorks out there. For that we are truly and sincerely grateful. And it couldn’t make us prouder to share with you some end-of-year shout outs for this very here blog. Love to you all. Thanks for recognizing us!

Intriguing list by Gaiam: Top 10 Yoga Trends for 2009: Are they here to stay?

#8 “Great yoga bloggers keep us informed and connected….In NYC, Yoga Dork is witty, cutting-edge and entertaining.”

also included are YD faves elephant journal and accidental yogaist.

Speaking of faves, big bro elephant journal included YD in their Best Websites of 2009!!

Yogadork Brilliant writing. Hopefully we’ll be able to team up in the future. Yogadork is going places, this one will be around in 10 years, and it’ll be big.

We encourage you to check out both lists. What do you think, is YD here to stay? 😉

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