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[Because It’s Wednesday!] Arrested Development’s Maeby in Teen Witch, Mandy Ingber Tribute

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If you geeked out like we did over Jen Aniston+Mandy+Ingber+Teen Witch connection and happen to be a fan ofArrested Developments Maeby, then you might get a kick out of this! Alia Shawkat and designer Rachel Antonoff take on the rap that cinched Mandy Ingber’s acting career (in our opinion). It’s so funky!

There’s a remake slated for 2010, is this their audition tape? We’re still not sure you can beat Ms. Mandy’s spunk. Feel free to dork out to the original here.

ps. it’s not really directly yoga related, but this is not your regular Wednesday. Enjoy your dose of laughter yoga/nostalgia for the day 🙂

[via fashionindie]

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