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Putting YogaDorks On the Map!

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yogadorks-of-the-worldThis has got to be THE coolest thing ever…seriously, Merry Christmas to YD! Perhaps you’re a frequenter here, or are already part of the twitter twibe or facebook page. Or maybe you even have a tee to show it, but have you ever wondered where in the world are the other #yogadorks? Presenting #yogadorks of the world! On a map! A million thanks to the keen ingenuity and savvy skills of @YogaChicky who had the idea and created this lovely visual manifestation of the #yogadork “cyber sangha”, as Cora Wen would say.

Are you a yogadork? Plot yourself on the map! Because, as our good pal Svasti so aptly put it, it’s “the lot of a yogadork – madly in love with yoga, and willing to look dorky for the yoga cause, no matter what!”

Instructions to plot your location (via Svasti’s blog)

  • You need to be signed into Google first (I think)
  • Click on the “Edit” button
  • Three icons should appear at the top left corner of the map
  • Select the middle one (balloon shape), to the right of the hand icon
  • Drag a balloon marker onto the map where you live (make it general or specific, up to you)
  • Add your name, your Twitter ID and/or your blog link to the details for your marker
  • Select ‘Save’ and you’re done!

Awesome. See you there!

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