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YogaLocal NYC Pulls Ahead in Sirsasana, iPhone App Challenge

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Uh oh. Have you gotten started on your Sirsasana Challenge yet? Looks like the kids at YogaLocal NYC are way ahead of you! In an effort to be goofy, and to sell their new iPhone app, the YogaLocal team have pulled a Cora Wen, yogaing through the likes of Grand Central Station and sirsa-ing up a subway escalator! (cool, but ick, btw). And how do you like the clever (hopefully legal) use of John Lennon’s “Oh Yoko”? Attention-grabbing? Yessiree, even for focused yogis. We’re willing to bet their marketing force put in some overtime at viral interwebs 101. Know how we know? Those youtube tags start out with the innocently usual suspects: “yoga” “headstand” “NYC” which are then closely followed by “sex” “boobs” and “doggystyle”. Hot. Still, if you straphangers are strapped for a yoga class it looks like a pretty cool and useful app.yogalocal-logo

For more info on YogaLocal’s app, and its direct competitors: Yogoer and MindBody, head on over to YogaCity NYC for reviews of all three.

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  • won’t it become so ubiquitous as to become meaningless? that was my first thought….

  • Ben

    Wow, I feel so … naked, busted by YogaDork. Yes indeed, they say tags are the thing. In any case, glad you like the Lennon-inspired yoga vid. And enjoy YogaLocal, too. We’re starting with NYC, but LA and SF are just around the corner…you know what that means… Golden Gate Sirsasana!

  • admin

    Aw, hey Ben, thanks for commenting! Indeed, enjoyed the video and clever play on the song. Any exposure is good exposure? πŸ˜‰ welcome to YD
    Who was the daring yogi btw? if you’re at liberty to disclose

  • Ben!
    If y’all are coming to SF, I’ll be glad to be the original “travelling headstanding YogaCrone” !

    smiles to you all,

  • Ben

    Nice. I think that’s a quadruple-entendre. I’m thoroughly innuendo’ed at this point πŸ™‚

    The lovely leisurologist, Leah Howe, graced the escalator in Gowanus with her sturdy noggin.

    And I look forward to meeting you, Cora! We may be in the Bay area this winter as YogaLocal expands its reach.

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