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Lance Armstrong is Getting “Freakin’ Flexible” With Yoga, Says Yoga Teacher, and Twitter

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lance-armstrongLance Armstrong is a cancer survivor, a six seven time Tour de France champion (with plans to beat that in 2010), and was just crowned second place in the ‘Athlete of the Decade‘ Associated Press poll (just behind Tiger Woods). The man could hardly use any more accolades and life-accomplishment affirmations! However, this uberstar just doesn’t quit. With training underway for his Team Radioshack, Mr. Lance Armstrong is spinning into stretch Armstrong, with yoga! On top of cycling, his conditioning includes 1 1/2 hrs of yoga every day. And what’s even better, he tweets it up! have a look at his twitter feed, with some fine samples below.

Honorary #yogadork? Yes, we think so! And we’re pretty sure his yoga teacher would agree. Just a guess. You may not be #1 Athlete of the Decade, Sir Lance, but in our hearts you’re #1 Tour de YogaDork.lance-armstrong-yogatweet3



Yoga Teacher Aaron says:



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  • Speaking of celebrity yoga… cool!!!

  • Lance Armstrong has won the Tour de France seven times, not six.
    And it’s called the Tour de France, not Tour du France.

  • admin

    thank you astute commenter.
    ~copy chief has been fired

  • you mean yoga is kicking Lance’s ass like the Tour DA France never did? heavens!

  • Lance is doing the wrong kind of yoga for his back problems.

  • Lance is a smart guy. 🙂
    ps. I think you meant to say that he plans to ‘beat the Tour de France record in 2011’, not 2010.

  • Julian

    I respect Tiger Woods, “the athlete of the decade”…i imagine him going out for a jog with Kasparov…yeah!!!

  • Well now Lance has been stripped of all his Tour De France titles. It is sad because he was a hero to a lot of people

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