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YogaDork Giveaway: Win a Pretty Libretea On-the-Go Tea Glass!

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glass-poly-libretea-200x300Tis the season to be giving! So this week that’s exactly what we’re doing: Giveaways galore! While it’s not quite the 12 Days of Christmas, nor the 8 days of Hannukah, we can have a few days of merry yogadorking!

On deck for today, may we present the stunning elegance that is the Libretea travel glass! Is it a glass? a cup? Well, dearie ‘dorks, it’s kinda both, and frankly, we’ve never seen anything like it (and thought it was so cool we put it on the YD Gift Guide). Let your tea be free!

WIN: Libretea poly n’ glass On-the-go, 9oz. A little bit about the beauty via libretea.com:

  • This tea glass has a health conscious glass interior for fresh taste and a durable polycarbonate exterior for ‘on the go’ durability.
  • Its removable stainless steel filter keeps tea leaves out of your mouth and makes cleaning easy. Also is a BPA free experience with a polypropylene filter surround and lid.
  • This tea glass can be used 2 ways – tea in the tea glass or tea on top of the twist off filter.

TO ENTER: Yesterday we were grounded. Today let’s get loose! Especially in honor of us Northern hemi-dwellers settling into the cold hibernation season, let’s talk Vata. In the comments below share your favorite asana, or recent experience, that lifts your spirits and sets you free! Like loose tea leaves gracefully gliding, prancing and expanding in the pureness of water, or something like that. To make the season bright, etc. 😉

Enter now! There are TWO glasses up for grabs, so there will be TWO winners, to be chosen at random and announced tomorrow. Good luck!

UPDATE: And the winners are…

Daynya and Franklin!

Congrats!! please send your mailing address to yogadork@gmail.com

Giveaway courtesy of Libretea www.libretea.com

*YD NOTE* The past few days have been so overwhelming in more ways than one. The outpouring of responses and entries to the giveaways have been truly amazing and you’ve all melted our little YD hearts. We hope you’ve been reading the comments.

ps. here’s a helpful how-to vid

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26 comments… add one
  • I feel so strong and light in tree pose!

  • daynya

    handstand!! when i can actually get into it, i feel so free, and very lifted 🙂

  • Diana

    Urdva Dhanurasana–The opening I experience in the whole front of my body energizes me and lifts my spirit.

  • Sarah

    Definitely Wild Thing pose!!! Being in DDog and then flipping over and lifting into wild thing is one of my favorites.

  • Definitely ardha chandrachapasana (especially the dwi hasta variation, though I don’t know anyone else who practices it that way).

  • recently I was able to go from Bakasana to Chaturanga w/o putting my feet on the ground: flight defined. loved it!

  • Kris

    I’ve only recently been able to get up into Pincha Mayurasana (against a wall of course). I thought this would be a pose I could never do and now it’s one of my faves…makes me smile and feel weightless!

  • Jessica

    Attended my first group yoga class in the past three months at my favorite studio with my favorite teacher. Now that will lift your spirits! All the poses set you free when you have been craving that experience so badly.

  • When I’ve got a sweet balance in Ardha Chandrasana I feel like I’m flying!

  • Kai

    Full Vasisthasana is my lift-off pose when my hams are open enough. I would love to try one these tea-glass-thingies. Intriguing concept!

  • Jessica B.

    I second handstand. I always feel light and refreshed after a good handstand!

  • Cameron O'Steen

    Urdhva Dhanurasana at Bhakti Fest in Saul David Raye’s class = that floating, wonderful afterglow of really good sex without all the mess…well, maybe some sweat.

  • Anne

    Vrksasana tree pose – constantly looking for that balance and at the same time, makes me feel like i am standing strong in the wind.

  • Christian

    Camel…. opens the front compresses your back leaves you feeling amazing.

  • Amy

    I feel like flying when I am in tree or camel… or any time I teach a yoga class!

  • Chelsea

    Not exactly yoga in the traditional sense, but I feel so light and airy when I’m rock climbing. Sometimes, I even do asanas hanging from the walls! Tree pose 50 feet in the air will certainly get your heart pumping. 🙂 Thank you for spreading the love and offering these giveaway opportunities!

  • The asana that gets me giddy is handstand. I’ve been doing it against a wall for a while now, and just recently held it away from the wall for a few seconds. The elation I felt can best be described as a high! 😀

  • what lifts my spirits and sets me free is not an asana, but karma yoga — teaching to my ladies at the domestic violence shelter.

    because yoga is not about the asana.

  • I started practicing 8 months ago and for the most part, I would come down from plank pose using knees, chest and chin or all the way down on the mat. Around 6 months into my practice, our yoga instructor issued a challenge for all of us to come down using Chaturanga Dandasana. I was very pleased and surprised that I was able to do it. I wasn’t aware that my body was already transforming and reaping the benefits of yoga. I took it as a sign not to be afraid to go deeper in a pose, or to try new things both in and out of the yoga studio.

  • Amelia

    Anjaneyasana !

  • Annie

    this week in the class I went to, I attempted the vasisthasana variation where legs are split and you’re grabbing your front leg up and back behind your head… the pose (and class!) pretty much kicked my ass but it was AWESOME and very energizing that I could attempt it!

  • Wishinoo

    any asana practice while watching the sun rise over the ocean…
    it affirms life, the day…
    and a place in the universe.

  • ikkinlala

    Not an asana for me, but dancing (not a specific kind, just whatever feels right with the music).

  • Kris

    I really love fish — it is a great heart opener.

  • mary

    headstand 🙂

  • daynya

    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! 🙂

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