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Stephen Colbert: American Hero in Spandex and Lotus Pose

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stephen-colbert-speedskater-lotusAs if we weren’t just talking about celebs and yoga. Is this one of the “good” ones?

With his notably-fit bod poured into a speedskating stretchi-suit and his limbs entwined in lotus pose, Stephen Colbert may very well be the most spry and agile late night talk show host we’ve ever seen! And probably our favorite. We don’t know for sure if Monsieur Colbert is a regular yogi, but with all his accolades, honorary degrees, and things named after him from ice cream to a new spider species, we’d like to bestow upon him one more title: We hereby declare Stephen T. Colbert an honorary YogaDork!

The above pic is part of the outtakes from a Sports Illustrated cover shoot for the Dec 21st issue. The story is that Stephen Colbert, of “The Colbert Report,” (on Comedy Central, in case you’ve been lost thus far) has announced his show will sponsor the U.S. Speedskating team for the 2010 Winter Olympics (essentially saving them). Cool!

As for us, we’re really digging the fact that we got to name this image “stephen colbert speedskater lotus” πŸ™‚

The rest of the shots can be found at Sports Illustrated. Here are a couple more of our faves, because Sir Colbert is a great sport and is in great shape — look at those abs! (he’s 45 btw) A tip of the hat!



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