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Meet Cora Wen! And the Sirsasana Challenge, It’s On 2010

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She calls it Sirsa Graffiti Around the World. We call it Awesome! Meet Cora Wen! The world traveling yogini who makes it her business to share her ever expanding knowledge of yoga through teacher trainings and workshops all over the globe, and on her head! See if you can spot the stillness of a yogi in the video above.

We love Cora for her buoyant spirit and infectiously zestful cheer. Having studied with the likes of Erich Schiffmann, Patricia Walden and Judith Hanson Lasater, Cora is a teacher’s teacher and we greatly admire her contribution to the world of yoga. AND for telling us all about our mudras – a fave of her recent blog posts, Mudras and Meaning. But what really has us going bonkers? Cora, upside down, all over the world! Cora Wen is the sirsa garden gnome of yoga! —Do not try (most of) this at home yogadorks.


Recently spotlighted on comedic cohort yogadawg.com, and prominently featured on our conscious big brother elephantjournal.com, it’s Sirsa Graffiti all right, and it sparked the rumbles of a DIY challenge! Are you up for it?

Sirsa Snapshot Challenge: It’s simple. Grab a camera, a pal to take the pic, and you know the rest! Of course, this is all for fun and not a contest so get creative, but please, as conscious yogis, be safe and mindful! Maybe even wear your #yogadork tee to make it extra dorkie. This is way easier than our impromptu yoga video challenge (hopefully).

Then post your photos on your blog, as fan photos on the yogadork facebook page or Cora’s page.

Let’s make this a challenge for the new year and see if we can keep it up through 2010. OK go!

Scroll down for our favorites in the Sirsa collection and go to Cora’s facebook album for the full set.






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  • I have loved this surprising concept since the delightful moment when Cora first told me about it.

    (I do hope no one hurts themselved, though!)

    Bob Weisenberg

  • That’s just a little bit of awesomeness right there… never know, I might just join in if I can find a friend patient enough to take photos for me 😉

  • …Cool Cora 🙂

  • I’m doing this in India and Africa, but it won’t be headstand….stay tuned.

  • Thank you for sharing these pics & link … she is amazing!!! The escalator headstand is TERRIFYING!

  • Thanks to everyone for enjoying some smiles and my sense of humour 🙂 The video expresses my Yoga…stillness in the madness of our world.
    I’ve been practicing for many years and have a Very Stable headstand, so the sirsa “tags” are in fun and good spirits – I respect the environment and avoid headstands in/on sacred sites

    Please take CARE, use a mat if you don’t have as “hard” a head as me and have Fun!

  • I like the pictures!, I have also ventured into these public displays of yoga affection in airplanes, while airborn. People do come to talk to you after wards, found it quite fun.

  • The awesomest thing is that she TAKES OFF HER SHOES in every headstand! How cute is THAT? (Check out the shoes next to her on the airport travellator). So do we need to be barefoot too in this challenge? 😉

  • Cameron O'Steen

    So fantastically wonderful! Yoga everywhere, everywhen!

  • innerspaceyoga

    I’m on it…

  • “Challenge” is not really what yoga or Cora is about.

    “CELEBRATION” might better reflect the fantastic feelings that seem to urge my darling girlfriend into her complimentary poses…


  • Glad y’all are getting some smiles and enjoy my humour! 😉

    Will be interested to see what folks experience when they start tagging their worlds! I try to mind the environment and do not “tag” sacred sites, so let’s keep the spirit of Yoga and ensure this challenge doesn’t get competitive…and of course stay safe!

    BTW, I take off my shoes as we take off shoes to enter studios… leave troubles behind, and enter the revered space of practice

    You might want to use a mat if you don’t have as “hard” a head as mine! 😉

    with pranams, cora

  • How fun – Even if all I do is develop a more stable headstand in 2010 I’ll be thrilled. Love the inspiration. And agree the escalator had me terrified as well. How on earth did you manage that one?

  • Dear Sir or Madam,

    Please accept the attached photo (Second photo from the bottom. He is such a show off sometimes. ) of my friend Lawn doing a headstand in his backyard. Even though he is using the garden gate for support (his arms were stunted from birth) , I hope this does not violate the rules of the Sirsa Snapshot Challenge.


    Best regards in yoga,

    Sri Sri Swami Baba Guru YogaDawg

  • A very yogic Where’s Waldo? I love it.

  • will try to do Bakasana instead… am a tender headed grasshopper so so Sira is not perfect for me.

  • Bella

    While I can’t guarantee that someone will be around to snap a pic, I will wholeheartedly participate… I’m often struck by the desire to do a headstand but have always hesitated… time to move beyond that hesitation.
    Om shanti!

  • The one on the escalator scares me. I avoid them on my own two feet let alone my noggin!

  • Hear about Cora’s first headstand experience and how this pose helps her put the world in perspective from insects to mountain tops: Reflections 2010 interview http://yogainmyschool.com/2010/12/14/reflections-2010-with-cora-wen/

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