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[Because it’s Wednesday] The League of Extraordinary Dancers Will Rock Your Yoga Socks

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Drat, it sure is sopping wet outside! While this won’t dry you off or zoom you through rush hour traffic, it’s possible it could LIFT your spirits! We caught this performance from The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (TheLXD) last week on So You Think You Can Dance (go Jakob!) and just have to share it with everyone. Sure, it happened like 7 shopping days ago, but that will not dampen your enjoyment! Promise. Even if you’re not a dance fan this will blow you away. And we thought visvamitrasana was hard! Consider this your mid-day sunshine. (our favorite part is the 3 Matrix dudes around the 1:20 mark. wow)

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  • Yeah, I saw this on “So You Think You Can Dance” too, and it was terrific, as is this entire show. I wasn’t much of a dance fan before, and I still don’t care for the other dance shows that much. But “So You Think You Can Dance” is so consistently spectacular that I’m a total addict. Who’s going to be cut tonight? There all so wonderful it’s a shame it has to be anyone.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • Wow! they can move! are they ashtangis? it would probably come easy to them !

  • Impressive! Amaazing to see hip hop moves performed in a style that’s so different to how it’s normally done, as well as to such different music! Very tight, very spectactular. Thanks for sharing 😀

  • wow- that online program looks FANtastical!!

    Seriously, I hate musicals but I’d watch a dancicle like that any day.

    2010 WOOT WOOT

  • WOW! Thanks for sharing. I keep missing the show when it’s on. This performance is especially spectacular.

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