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On a Scale of Yoga Star Hotness, Who Made the A-List?

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This is simply just one of the best things ever. Of course! What with all the Yoga Allstars these days and real celebriyogis it’s only natural to have a Hot Scale rating system. Though we’re never surprised when YogaDawg whips up something hilarious, doggone it, this had us howling. And it’s a perfect lead in to the YogaDork First Annual Sexiest Celebriyogi 2009 Poll! Kinda like PETA’s sexiest vegetarian, but for yogadorks. Oh it’s coming. You can send in your nominees now. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, you MUST head over to YogaDawg for the full details on the thorough “Analysis” involved in the scientific process of crunching data for this chart. Quibble amongst yourselves 😉

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  • Luisa

    Seems a little contradictory to the true spirit of yoga…

  • Wasn’t this great? YogaDawg does it again! Here’s what I wrote on YogaDawg’s site:

    “I love, love, love this blog, YogaDawg. The combination of humor AND serious insight is truly impressive, unusual and highly enjoyable.

    I was certainly disappointed that I didn’t make your list. I’ll just have to go back to working on my blog and eBook, although I suppose it would help if I left my house occasionally.

    Interesting bit of information–I don’t think it will affect your rankings, but I have been impressed with the writing of Tara, Sadie and Rainbeau on their blogs. Tara and Sadie are on Huffington Post, and Rainbeau is on her own website. They are all pretty good.

    Thanks again for this great blog.”

    Bob Weisenberg

  • that list is a bunch of hooey….cuz I’m not on it and because I am trademarking Cougar Yoga…if you steal that idea I’m suing your yoga butt….

  • Linda, big talk, no action. How’s that Ratra Yoga suit going?

    Anyway, Cougar Yoga is all yours, because I don’t qualify to be either the cougar or the cougar prey.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • yeahhhh, cougar yoga ™. love it! and i love this amazing scale. all hail yogadawg!

    bob and linda, y’all are A-list yogis in my mind… 🙂

  • Thanks, roseanne, but Linda and I, as fully realized holy people, don’t respond to ego strokes anymore.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • admin

    ahem y’all might need to duke it out with Ms. MacDowell
    Andie MacDowell: Hot CougarYogi at 51, Overcomes Nerves to Strip Down
    OR Madonna! scary!

    ps. <3 yogadawg

  • Andi and Madonna are the hot cougar yogi queens, and i bow down to them appropriately. i am actually not even close to cougar yoga status (i have about another 10 years to go). but when i am, i will be ready.

  • Special Holiday Yoga Couriers now available. Call YOG-ADAWG to arrange for pickup of your brown envelope stuffed with cash for delivery to YogaDawg Headquarters to make the A-List by January 1st 2010.

  • those stringy arms of Madonna scare the amrit outta me….I’ve seen less sinew on the arms of a ‘roid head in the gym!

  • If you guys want cougar yoga, you have to go to maha yoga in brentwood, california. this is where i first found yoga and I keep coming back for the heart pounding , sweaty and joyful classes taught by tom morely and steve ross. almost all of the woman there are the hottest moms on the planet!! cougar central!! and it’s not introspective yoga, its outgoing, social yoga where everyone is checking everyone out. real live cougars ahead.. beware!

  • sangos

    Now I understand why the ancients insisted on keeping Yoga secret

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