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Jennifer Aniston and Mandy Ingber: Yogalosophied

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jennifer-aniston-baddha-konasanaJennifer Aniston seems to be a real bummer in the boyfriend dept., but at least she has a nice bum! Yes, yes a fit bod is what these Hollywood celebriyogis find when they have all that spare time in between making lots of money, making Starbucks runs and dating Mr. Wrong! At least in Jen’s case she has longtime yoga teacher Mandy Ingber to lead her through the tough days, on and off the yoga mat. To pay her back Ms. Aniston is shilling for her guru’s new yoga DVD, “Yogalosophy“. Yep, that is what it’s called.

“Mandy brought yoga into my life. This workout will change your body and your mind,” says Jen. She even filmed a cameo intro.

yogalosophy-mandy-ingberFrom Mandy Ingber’s site:

Yogalosophy, a groundbreaking workout from superstar Jennifer Aniston’s fitness instructor, promotes weight loss and getting into shape with an easy-to-follow but challenging routine. The program includes two versions of a 30-Minute Routine and a Fully-Loaded, 55-Minute Challenge.

Available for the first time ever on DVD, this hybrid workout pairs yoga poses with toning exercises that will get you into the best shape of your life while connecting your mind, body, and emotions.

The first time ever! Well we knew she was a leg lifter. Though the name conjures up some kind of redundant Yogi Berra method, you can not deny the attraction of Mindy’s spunkified cuteness. Can’t believe YogaDawg overlooked her!

See Mandy explain what “Yogalosophy” means:

[NYP P6]

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  • yup, like one of my friends told me a long time ago, I gotta get a “Goddess in Residence” yoga gig somewhere….and one where the head of the ashram doesn’t try to hit on me. yes, really.

  • HoldenLitgo


  • Matt

    Spunkified cuteness is a great way to describe her! Mandy is adorable!

  • hey – I don’t know how to email you but wanted to share this


  • Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11, 1969, which means she is 40, just two months shy of 41. So she is “officially” (if we deem that table to be official) a cougar.

  • Has anyone actually done this dvd? I’d love to hear some reviews. Many thanks!


  • There have been lots of mean comments about Jennifer Aniston doing the rounds on the world wide web recently. I feel she looks terrific, particularly after losing a couple of kilos.

  • connie krillien

    This dvd is not that good. She does not give very good queing. Definately not worth $30.00.

  • Shona

    I don’t know where Connie got that remark from – each to their own – but I’m doumb-founded from it. I honestly, 100% adore this DVD pack. I do Bikram Yoga (hot yoga which has different moves to Yogalosophy) every week and for the days when I can’t make it there I have Mandy’s MP4s which I downloaded from her site and I simply follow along in my loungeroom. I found her attitude refreshing (she’s not your average do-as-I-say boring instructor) and the moves are not complex.
    I think I get where Connie is coming from in the sense that Mandy is quite quick and doesn’t really tell you when she is going to change moves, but I can still follow along easy enough after watching it two times. And I know that I just do everything 8 times because she says it at the beginning.
    I honestly think it was a great buy. Especially for only $30! Highly recommended and I’m only new to Yoga.

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