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Hollywood Yoga Teacher, Mandy Ingber is Polly of ‘Teen Witch’, Top That!

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Oh sure maybe there were some folks out there already hip to his awesome info, but after an earlier post we knew something about Mandy looked familiar…hm. It took us a minute, but we just figured out… Mandy Ingber is Polly from the ’89 smash hit* movie Teen Witch! Starring Robyn Lively and freaky Zelda Rubenstein (the little lady from Poltergeist), bless her heart.
This is so awesome we can hardly handle it. Anyone who’s seen Teen Witch (like 100 times) knows what we mean!

ok deep breaths…
Top That!

*a smash hit in our world, on cable.

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  • Well, this is all news to me from the start, but the video clip is certainly fun!

    Bob Weisenberg

  • kd

    I used to love this movie and even bought a DVD of it to share with my nieces and nephews. Since they are in an age of 3D animation and HD movies I wasn’t sure if they would like the old school imagery in this film but you know they LOVE the movie! As soon as I saw Mandy’s interview about her Yoga clients incuding Jennifer, her voice, mannerisms – I immediately knew who she was. 😉

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