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[Because It’s CyberMonday] Relax!

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holiday-stressOK sure, it’s the end of November, only X number of shopping days left and you have so many good boys and girls on your list, and oh! is that another “50% off + free shipping if you spend $300” coupon code with a cherry on top?! Stop the insanity!

Just for a few breaths. Take a word to the wise from YD pal and good advice-giving guru Gwen Bell who asks, Are You Your Biggest Competitor?

Of course this can ring true on the yoga mat, all the self-instruction and judgment as you contort your body, sweat through your pores as you push yourself to find your edge (or not). But what about driving in the car, shopping for groceries, cybermondaying, or waiting 300th in line to snag the hottest holiday deals? Geez and that guy over there just really pissed you off being so rude, the nerve of some people! Where’s the holiday cheer? Is nothing sacred anymore?

Hm, maybe that guy is you!

In any case we invite you to take these 3 easy steps to finding every day stress relief and chill out man!

It’s simple really. Ready?

1. Close your eyes.

2. Laugh.

3. Relax your jaw.

Of course if you want further instruction, head over to Gwen’s blog for the full post.

Our additions to the list?

4. For crying out loud relax your shoulders away from your ears.


Happy Monday!

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