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[Because It’s Black Friday!] Get Your Official YogaDork Goods

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yd-blogshopGood morning! Happy Day After Thanksgiving! Otherwise referred to as Black Friday here in the States. If you’re one of those early bird warriors perhaps it’s time for dinner since you set off for the races at 2:30am to snag the last $5 automatic toenail clipper! So worth it. If you’ve got any gusto left we invite you to check out the brand new YD shop!… full of, you guessed it, YogaDork stuff!

We’ll probably be adding some additional tchotchkes, but already up in the store are YogaDork tees, mugs and stickers! (If there’s something you think we’re missing let us know). **Please note: for tees, this is the razzle Zazzle so you can change up the color and style of the shirts however you like. Go nuts.

A note to #yogadorks who pre-ordered the first batch of bamboo tees and tanks, they’ve arrived! An official order post will be up soon so you can send all your official info. Shipping will begin first thing next week. Apologies for the long wait and sincere thanks for your patience!

ps. if any of you PHP whizzes know how to embed the zazzle store in WordPress drop us a line.

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