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Celebriyogis: Jude Law Unleashes Yoga Rage, Oranges on NYU Oglers

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111709_jude-law-yoga-seat.JPGLookout! Celebriyogi: armed and dangerous! He’s no Jon Gosselin. What, you thought every movie star was into PDY? (public display of yoga). Poor Jude Law just wanted to get in his daily yoga practice and those darned snooping NYU kids just won’t leave him be! Ogling the studly Brit from their Hayden dorm rooms in Washington Square, the college kids ruffled Jude out of his yogic tranquility by shouting his name and waving emphatically. The nerve of some people! Having none of it Jude was spurred to hurl sweet revenge in the form of oranges at the kids’ windows. Classy.

“There is pretty much chaos on every floor when he comes out,” said Priya Vij, 18, who has a direct view of Law’s balcony from her Hayden Hall window.

“People start screaming, ‘Hey, Jude’ — and it’s clear he can hear us.”

That’s when Jude went for the oranges!

“He missed,” freshman Neha Najeeb said, but went back for more. “This time, he hit the windows. There was orange pulp on the glass for a week. Now we don’t like Jude Law anymore.”

111709_jude-law-yogabutt.JPGOK he might be a yog-curmudgeon, but we kinda don’t blame the guy for being upset – those NYU freshman are vicious animals! You can’t just ignore them and carry on with quieting the mind with compassion and kindness. No sir. Especially since, if it were us, we’d probably be shouting, “Hey Jude, take off your sneakers! Relax your shoulders!” etc. Let us be forewarned, those oranges may be sattvic, but that doesn’t go for all celebriyogis! At least we still have Matthew McConaughey!

[NY Post]

photos by Kevin O’Brien

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  • Jude, honey: wouldn’t you like a blanket to sit on? You’re so hunchy and grouchy.

  • funky dolphin if you ask me. btw, what’s with all the yoga in shoes these days

  • the shoes! the shoes! why why why?

  • Maybe it’s too cold for barefoot-yoga-on-outdoor-balcony in NYC now?

  • If it’s too cold for barefoot, surely it’s too cold for outdoor yoga? Unless maybe Jude doesn’t have enough space indoors hmmm? Because y’know Mr Law, that’d solve the privacy issue too. Just a thought from one Brit to another.

  • first photo: he does yoga and he really sits like that?!? yikes.

  • I agree with daydreamingmel. If ya put yourself OUT THERE, ya gotta roll with it. Now he’s guaranteed himself an audience of hecklers and maybe retaliatory fruit throwers!

    Kinda small dumbbells for a guy, no?

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