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CNN: Yoga Good For Kids of All Ages, In Case You Hadn’t Heard

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no-whining-kids-yoga-downdog-cnnWell you know it’s true when CNN chimes in! Yoga’s good for kids! Despite some kooky brain education offsprings, yoga really is growing in the kids playground. And now miniyogis are practicing all over the world with programs like Charlie and the Chakra Factory and the Wizard of Ohm and poses renamed to “Because I said so” (dhanurasana variation) and “No whining” like above. hilarious!

Hey we love dogs, but CNN really outdid their Doga investigation with this one. Yogadorks may already know that kids of all ages can benefit from the practice, but we applaud the mega news outlet for shining the spotlight, and with a slideshow! ooooh. And some pretty great interviews.

Says Lynda Meeder of Boston Mass. who quit her job as a guidance counselor to teach yoga,

“The older a kid gets, 13, 14, 15, we all know how hard it is for them to understand their bodies. It’s especially difficult when you have a child that’s been told they have ADHD, they’ve been told they cannot because that’s the way they are,” she said. “I’ve seen yoga give kids their control back. They feel like they’re taking it and they can steer again.”

Kids really dig it! YD sister and our very own celebriyogadork agrees,

In Columbia, Missouri, mom Sarah Wells Kohl heard about yoga for kids and enrolled her 9-year-old, Dakota. She had been struggling for months, trying every alternative arts program she could find, to address her son’s exceptionally high energy.

“He couldn’t settle himself, he was just very high-strung and bored with everything,” she said. “But, wow, yoga opened something in him. Pranayama breathing (slow, steady deep yogic breaths) put him in his space. When things get too tight, rough and crazy, do his own little Eagle pose.
“I once found him in his bedroom chanting,” she said. “It almost seems like we put him on a yoga mat instead of putting him on medication.”

Hey that’s @sarahkohl!! Awesome. And not a bad, digestable article so be sure to pass it on to your friends.

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