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What We Say Matters Book Giveaway: Congrats to the Winners!

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what-we-say-matters-lasaterAs part of our review last week of What We Say Matters by Judith Hanson Lasater and Ike Lasater, we included a little big giveaway of FIVE copies to YD readers and encouraged everyone to leave their thoughts. Thanks so much to all the commenters who shared their experiences and reflections on nonviolent communication – we can learn something from each and every one of you.

Gotta admit it’s a lot of fun giving stuff away and even more fun announcing the winners, so without further delay, a mega mondo CONGRATULATIONS to:


Zippy Mama

Bob W.

Meaghan H.

Shana S.


Everyone gets a copy!! Hooray! Please send your mailing address to yogadork@gmail.com asap so we can get these out to you!

Humungo thanks to Rodmell Press for being so generous and awesome (they also publish lots of other great reads like our last giveaway, Bobby Clennell’s The Women’s Yoga Book).

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  • Thanks so much. What a pleasant surprise!

    Bob W.

  • I’m so excited! I was planning on reading this book anyway, so pleased to be getting a copy. After reading your previous blog post, I forwarded the link to my yoga teacher with whom I just finished a yoga & NVC class … apparently, she had been asked to provide a quote/review for the book already! Anyway, thanks and I will e-mail you my info.

  • Yikes, you turn look away for a moment, distracted by your own busy life, and you miss a stupendous opportunity. I would have loved this book, as I’m a fan of Judith Lasater’s and Rodmell Press’s. Congratulations to the winners; I’d welcome your reviews of the book.

    Okay, YogaDork, you’re on my daily must-check list now 😉

  • Oooooh very exciting! Thanks YogaDorks 🙂

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