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[Because It’s Monday!] Nature Awes, in the Form of 300,000 Birds Moving In Unison

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Because sometimes you need a flock of 300,000 starlings to make you stop and appreciate the beauty of nature. It’s mesmerizing. We feel almost like whatshisface in American Beauty. Let’s see plastic bags fly around the sky in unison…we didn’t think so! What’s starling pose? Poetry in motion. All this needs is some heart-string tugging musical accompaniment.

Stop and watch, and see if you don’t feel better. Happier Monday?

[Live Leak via buzzfeed]

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  • Awesome! Thanks for this momentary escape from work, drizzle, and post-Daylight-Saving-Time gloom.

    Where is this anyway? I admit, if I was standing in a field alone and saw 300,000 birds swooping above me, I’d assume, thanks to Hitchcock, that my time was up.

  • admin

    The birds!

    believe that’s Denmark. here’s another awesome starling swarm video, from Gretna, Scotland.

    there’s a treasure trove of these on youtube!
    *warning* be prepared for hours of bird watching

  • Yes, that’s a great video. I had seen it before somewhere.

    I read somewhere that Twitter is based on this very same phenomenon–lot’s of little things coming together to make a meaningful but unmanaged whole.

    Bob Weisenberg

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