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Yoga is the New Rehab! Jon Gosselin Does the Downdog

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jon-gosselin-yogaTaking a tip from Octomom? Being Jon Gosselin is stressful! What with all that reality show stardom, baby momma drama, oh and EIGHT babies! It’s only natural Jon would take to the calming effects of yoga. Or so says Us Weekly Magazine, and they have the *exclusive* photo op to prove it!

Gosselin admitted Oct. 29 that “I have allowed myself to become somewhat severed from my own moral anchor and be carried away by the challenges of fame,” and that he yearned to “reconnect with my deeper, more spiritual, more altruistic self.”

So he’s going for a spiritual rebirth! Which means reconnecting to his religion (Jewish) and rooting down on the yoga mat. Rehab was so 2008! Now Yoga is the new image-refresher of choice by those stressed out Hollywood types the tabloids love to talk about. Yes even India is getting lots of play lately as the destination for soul-seeking celebs and pseudo-celebs alike, from  Kanye West to Jessica Simpson (if you read Us Weekly, ahem, ‘journeys to India’ is in the buzzz section. for reals). Is this the Eat, Pray, Love effect? Is it just the beginning?

Even bigger Jon Gosselin news?…he reads! Apparently it’s Tao Te Ching, a Taoist self-help book, and a children’s book. Keeping it balanced, see?

Come on Kate… Team Jon is looking better and better! (though his poses need a little #yogadork help dontcha think?) see the rest of the captivating slideshow here.




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  • Rock My Soles

    Shoot me:)))

  • Now, if he spends 6 weeks in a silent ashram, then I’ll be happy for him. Right now, it just sounds like another ploy to more fame.

  • the US photos exclusive is brilliant! 10 pic slide show of jon doing yoga, communing with nature and reading children’s books (??), with commentary from a “yoga expert” (who also critiques his form). priceless!

  • Kai

    Oh, OUCH! Those photos are hurting my tender little Yoga-Teacher-Eyes. The tense shoulders! The ungrounded back heel! Make it stop!! *argh*

  • someone tell me why I so not believe them….(i.e, JG, Kanye, and Jessica.)

  • Yes, don’t miss the slideshow! Thanks for the tip, Roseanne.

    My favorite, of course, is slideshow photo #5, in which I learn that Jon is pretty much just like me. Caption:

    “Part of the yoga practice is not just the physical process,” Demus points out, “but also the study of philosophy, taking time to turn inward and study some of the texts from the masters.” She recommends the classic Yoga Sutra text.”

    Maybe he wants to be a #yogadork.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • he’s gotta lose that hat….

  • A long, long time ago I decided there would never be anything else interesting about Jon and Kate Gosselin. So far, you are the only person to prove me wrong!! Thanks for the funny post : )

  • Jaime, love your comment.


  • Yoga re-birth with a cell-phone and a photography crew behind him. Just when you thought this man could not be any more narcissistic.

  • I’ve only once caught part of one episode of Jon & Kate, ages ago, by chance, as I flipped through the channels one day (killing time, as they say). It was the episode where Kate lifts her shirt to reveal her enormous, sagging belly skin, post-sextuplets. She then underwent a tummy tuck.

    At the time, they seemed benign. Not particularly interesting, but not hatable either. I never again watched the show and forgot about it until they burst into the front page. Now I find both of them pretty pathetic, especially the media-slut Jon (a singularly unattractive man, in my opinion). What happened? Are these the true Jon and Kate? Did stardom and money get to them?

    Okay, onward to the next topic…

  • bwaaah haha! No, seriously, this is brilliant – yoga as the ultimate pr redemption. I can just hear his handlers whispering…”people love yoga, it’ll go over great!”

    But on a more serious note: what kind of yoga mat is he using?

  • Right, Katy. Let’s get down to the really serious stuff like what yoga mat is he using and whose short is he wearing.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • I wish my yoga practice could combat my intense interest in these people! Just so sad…they seemed so “normal” once upon a time…

  • michela

    hahahaha he is a fat man “attempting” to loose some weight wen we all know he is always gonna be a fat turd. love his cute kids (except maddi) and kate (even if she can be a bitch… he’s an even bigger toole!)

  • monkieL

    This trivialization of yoga in the media is only going to increase with the advent of the “Eat, Prey, Love” movie due out in August. The lesson for all us yogis? Ahimsa.

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