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TGIF Happy Halloween Yoga!

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What a freaky week! We’ve been attacked on all sides! Vicious competitive yoga, Playboy yoga bunnies, we can’t even eat granola anymore – our world has turned upside down! If you clicked on that Playboy Naked Yoga link by the way, judge yourself harshly. just kidding!  Well it’s Halloween weekend, the final days of October (and holiday-free sanity). *shiver* There are a few fun events happening in the NYC area so scroll down for more.

First, a Halloween Riddle: What’s scarier than running the NYC Marathon and attending a chaturanga workshop? Answer: Bikram Choudhury posing his asana for Playgirl! Don’t worry, it’s not for real (yet) but it did just totally save us trying to come up with a Halloween costume!

Spooky Scary (Fun!) Yogi Events

Jack-o-lantern Om

Laughing Lotus Halloween Midnight Yoga
with Allison O’Connor and Greg Abraham spinning eclectic soul and beats
Friday, October 30th, 10pm-Midnight
$16 or class card
more info

Free yoga at Strala (Tara Stiles’ studio)
Saturday, October 31, 12:30-1:30
Free Class led by Tara
*Part of the class will be filmed for Yoga Bear, non-profit org benefiting cancer survivors
more info

Halloween Open Mic Kirtan Party at Integral Yoga Institute NYC
Dress up and Chant!
with Rev. Achala Matthew Godino, Terrence Pompey, Max Vazquez, a k a Maxananda
Saturday, October 31, 8pm
Suggested donation $10
more info

If you’re not running the marathon, this may be the closest thing to it!

I LOVE CHATURANGA workshop at Jivamukti
Co-taught by Jivamukti yoga teacher Tamar Samir & physical therapist Nechama Karman
Sunday, November 1, 6-8pm
more info

Check out Donna Freeman’s YogaInMySchool blog for some more fun ways to celebrate a yogi’s Halloween.

Sadly, like last year, there is no zombie yoga on the agenda. booooooo. But we can still enjoy the video.

Don’t forget to set your clocks back Sat. night for an extra hour of sleep!! Have a ghoulishly great weekend!

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  • Yes, it has been a wild week. Looks like we might have another great debate brewing on Linda’s blog again:

    “This truly IS the Kali Yuga”

    Linda thinks Playboy Yoga represents the Kali Yuga dark age (if she’s not putting us on), and I think “So what, really?” Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s thoughts.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • Thanks for the mention! Happy Halloween! We’ll be keeping the Bail Out (Free Yoga) going through the holidays Saturday 12:30-1:30pm. Maybe we should sell the Bail Out Tee’s!

  • Ok, that is a cool pumpkin! want want want lol!

  • that’s funny….are those the people who did hot naked Playboy yoga while chanting Sanskrit and eating granola?

    just askin’….

  • Booooooooooooooooooooo…….ha-ha-..hanging out at the jazz club till the little goblins go away. They don’t seem to get my Corpse Pose. Boooooooo…..

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