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Playboy’s Got Your Naked Yoga Bunny

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playboy-yoga-sara-jean-underwoodTHIS JUST IN: Yoga is sexy!

What on earth? We give elephantjournal the raunch radar award on this one. Wow.

We’ve runway supermodels guiding us in yoga video games, buck naked yoga classes, and now you gawkers don’t even have to leave your steamy nose prints on the glass checking out the bottoms-up in gym yoga classes. This is for serious, Playboy yoga! Featuring 2007 Playmate of the year Sara Jean Underwood. The photos, and videos, seem innocent enough, but oh just wait, you can see the poses in the nude! (videos which are free and actually ridiculously easy to access by adding your email and clicking a few buttons promising you’re 18+ and want to accept Playboy emails. we know, cause we did).


There’s tree pose, triangle, side angle, warrior 1&2 and plank (which goes into chaturanga, up and downdog). Noticeably absent is the rear money shot, for which we are surprised yet greatly relieved, somehow finding ourselves applauding Playboy for retaining that teensy bit of class.playboy-yoga-downward-facing-dog

And she’s not bad.. look at that form! Really, we’ve got to just laugh at this, and hey, maybe some dudes will be inspired. Surely a DVD is on the way! We just want to know one thing – where’s the Playgirl, eh? Only fair, fellas.



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  • sangos

    LMAO! But seriously it all depends on whether this is another ego trip. We got stark naked yogis (not yoginis mind you for obvious reasons!) in India. That is symbolic of their total commitment to the Yogic path…nuf said

  • Just so ya know, I, being a good, traditional yogi, did not hit that link up there…really, I didn’t…

  • just when you think American Yoga can’t get any worse…I’m sure “some dudes will be inspired” but it’s not going to be about running to a yoga class.

    Hand lotion, anyone?

  • I’ve now seen it all. Today I also saw an article about Bikram and how he refused to give a private class to Madonna. He told her to get over her ego and get into class.

    Back to this post: Why do we need to see the poses naked? lol Some things are better left up to the imagination.

  • Wow. Talking about cashing in on yoga!

  • oh man, what a day for yoga news! there’s gotta be some kind of astrological explanation for this.

  • yup, there is…the Kali Yuga: the “Dark Age” lasting 432,000 years…when avarice and wrath are common, rulers become unreasonable, cowards have the reputation of bravery and the brave are called cowards…and lies are passed out as truth.

  • Well, someone’s cashing in. That’s what it’s become hasn’t it? A cash bunny.

  • Is Kali Yuga astrological, or is just some kind of cosmic force? 432, 000 years, yikes! And we probably have another 431, 933 years till it finishes, don’t we…

  • Kai

    She hyperextends her elbows. Is it wrong that I feel smug about that? *smirk*

    On a more serious note, Playboy Yoga makes me cringe in a huge way. I suppose it was inevitable, but, but, but…oh, can’t they just leave yoga alone…

    Sidenote: Linda, you’re hilarous! Your comment about the hand lotion made me snort chai out of my nose.

  • thank you. I try. I’m an acquired taste. 😉

  • Kai, she also can’t reach her heels to the floor in dog pose, ha.

    Somehow, this news doesn’t surprise me. In fact, I’d have thought this would be the 5th annual Naked Yoga video by now.

    Maybe it’s a sign of Hef’s 83 years. See http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/24/business/media/24hefner.html?scp=1&sq=hefner&st=cse. Can you believe that young wannabe “models” still beg to live with him in the PB mansion?

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