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Bikram Badmouths Madonna, No Private For You!

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bikram-don-vs-madonnaOK Madonna‘s had her share of kooky conduct in the past, especially in regards to privates (zing!), but we find it rather funny that this news bit, primarily a Bikram sound bite, is making HER look like the bad guy. Why? Because we know how masterful Bikram Choudhury is with quotable quotes. Besides, lots of celebs have private yoga and personal trainers (lots on Non-celebs do too, mind you).

We feel for the sinewy-limbed pop diva, just a couple of weeks ago Madge parted ways with personal trainer Tracy Anderson, after Anderson was slapped with a $1 million lawsuit from an Ex claiming she swindled him and drove him to bankruptcy. oops. So obviously poor Madge is looking to vogue with another guru. Bikram boasts so much about his yoga Messiah status, especially in Hollywood, it’s not surprising why the hot ‘Don’ was tapped by the Queen of Pop  – she’s a fan of Ashtanga, another “heated” practice, but fueled with the natural fire from vinyasa, not a thermostat – and look, they both love fedoras!

So here’s Bikram’s response:

“Madonna came to me and asked for private lessons. I would have none of that. If you want to learn from me, then you have to come to my classes. You have to leave your ego behind.”

Adding, “If you disagree with her, you’re immediately blacklisted.”

Blacklisted from what? Fiddlesticks, what does a man with megaton “atom bomb” balls have to worry about a silly write-off from the world’s biggest female pop star? pshht. He’s already got an in with the late Michael Jackson team. And why is this guy talking about ego?

Of course not all celebrities are as elitist as Madonna with such outrageous requests. The “most exciting, hard-working, effective, amusing and glamorous Yoga class in the world” is enjoyed by George Clooney, Jessica Simpson, and Jim Carrey, whom Bikram has nothing but praise for, because “they do 90 minutes of yoga whenever they’re near a Bikram school – even when they’re overseas,” he says.

[Daily Star]

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  • madonna = the original hot cougaryogi.

  • That’s so funny, Bikram talking about leaving ego behind!

    Bob Weisenberg

  • Greg

    Just can’t cope. This all makes me very tired.

  • While I do have to say that Bikram isn’t exactly the man to be telling ANYONE to drop their ego, the fact of the matter is that he does have a great yoga programme. ^_^

  • venus

    Serious question…Is Bikram even real yoga? The time I tried it, it was mechanical robots talking into microphones, no focus on breath and none on meditation.

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