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POSERS: A CelebriYogamentary Series by Yogamatic (video) featuring Michelle Branch, Mariel Hemingway & Other Celebriyogs

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posers_poster2Why hasn’t anyone done this before? Yogamatic, the crew behind the customizable yoga mats have come up with an all-star video series, a “yogamentary” called “POSERS: Yogastyles of the Movers and Shakers” in which they grill celebriyogis like Michelle Branch, Mariel Hemingway and LA “Yoga King” Vinnie Marino with the eternal questions: “What defines your practice? How has Yoga impacted your world?” extracting the answers all in about 5 minutes! OK it’s not quite Inquisition style, but the videos are sill fun and interesting.

Other guests include Mandy Ingber (Jen Aniston‘s coach), Eco Gift Festival Founder Tommy Rosen and instructor-model Kia Miller; Best-selling author of “Skinny Bitch” Rory Freedman, GirlieGirlArmy.com “eco-glamazon” Chloe Jo Berman; yoga instructor to the stars (Ellen Degeneres) model, and sexy man “Yogi Cameron“.

Fun right? But what’s missing? (besides the obvious Russell Simmons). We want to see the celebriYogamatic masterpieces! Don’t you wanna know what The Vinmeister would choose to get nosy with in down dog? What Yogi Cameron lays his glistening sweaty back on for savasana? *pause for reflection* We need to know. Celeb endorsements are all the rage (#facetiousyogadorks). (update: Mandy Ingber does show us her yogamatic creation)

Well perhaps you may be interested in dropping your own creations into the yogamatic. Sounds like Willy Wonka, we know. Possible good ideas: photos of nature, inspiring artwork, a motivational quote. Bad ideas? favorite flavor of ice cream in a sundae, an ex-boyfriend, the lyrics to your favorite 80’s song that remind you of your ex-boyfriend.

Now that we’ve got your wheels turning…here are a few of our faves from the Posers series so far.

Vinnie Marino

Michelle Branch with Ashley Turner

Mariel Hemmingway

See the rest at the Yogamatic Youtube channel

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  • These are surprisingly good. Helps overcome the stereotype that celebrity yoga is only about surface appearance.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • Kim

    nice, articulate response from mariel hemmingway ~ yoga is divine indeed

  • Vinnie Barbarino’s teaching yoga???!!! I thought he was a scientologist!!!

    Oh…Marino…never mind…

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