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Andie MacDowell: Yogi at 51, Overcomes Nerves to Strip Down

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Is she not the cutest? We love Andie MacDowell! Sure, she’s probably most acclaimed for Sex, Lies, and Videotape, but we admit our favorite performance has to be alongside Bill Murray in the 90s classic Groundhog Day. Now at 51, the gorgeous Madame MacDowell will be dropping trou in two new movies for Lifetime, “At Risk” and “Front” (based on Patricia Cornwell novels) where she plays a narcissistic sex addict. Yowsers! Sweet, Southern Belle turned fiery femme!

Hesitant to strip down to her skivvies for the role, Andie MacDowell embraces her age with sophistication:

“We live in a society that sees getting older in a certain way, but I keep trying to tell myself of my value and my worth.”

…and yoga! How does she stay looking so young?

“Drinking a lot of water, getting enough sleep and doing yoga – but I really think it is acceptance. We all get older so I’m celebrating it,” she added.

Because we can’t stop time, but we sure can do our best to slow down the aging process. (Rumor has it Andie has not gone under the knife/ syringe/laser for beauty).

Purely for kicks, here’s a favorite scene from Groundhog Day featuring the hilarious Ned Ryerson (trivia: the actor is Stephen Tobolowsky and you may have noticed him on a little show called Glee – his character’s name? Sandy Ryerson!)


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  • I loved Groundhog Day, too.

    I just kept watching it over and over again.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • alex

    Okay… LOVE gorgeous Andie, but a couple of things I have to say about the article:
    The overused term “cougar” was coined defining an older woman who is looked at, along other characcteristics, as predatory towards younger men, (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=cougar)… and is not necessarily an admiral term. So, for practing yogis Cougaryogi is an oxymoron and/or this article is using the term for sensational purposes.
    Second… LOVE Andie but… if you look at the picture posted and at her perfect bustline (at age 51 AND having had children), I wouldn’t subscribe to the rumor that she has not gone under the knife… no judgement, just observation in regards to what was written in the blog.
    In any regards… I do love Andie…

  • Did you see how the New Yorker’s Anthony Lane described Groundhog Day in his article about Michael Haneke (http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2009/10/05/091005fa_fact_lane)?

    He divides movies into 9 o’clock movies (easy, entertaining, no need for discussion) and 6 o’clock movies (thought-provoking, challenging, calling for discussion). He comments that The Deer Hunter is a 6 o’clock movie, whereas Platoon, for all its sound and fury, is fine for 9 o’clock. The Reader is a 9 o’clock movie that thinks it’s 6 o’clock, while Groundhog Day is the opposite.

    Yoga Spy

  • I love “cougaryogi” and am now including it in my yoga lexicon ~ it caught my eye in my reader and made me giggle. I (and many of my older friends) fully embrace the term “cougar.” Personally, I can’t wait til I’m a hot cougaryogi (and I’m totally on my way ~ I’ve notice that I’ve acquired a shocking amount of gold lamé and animal print clothes lately; also a red dress with a rhinestone-eyed tiger ready to pounce). Rrrrwrrr!

  • Loved your last comment, roseanne.

    Bob W.

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