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Heather Graham, as Yoga Rep, as the “Public Option” in MoveOn.org Ad (video)

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heather-graham-moveon-adWow, Heather Graham looks great! Even in eka pada koundinyasana, and especially next to representations of health insurance fat cats made to look even more grotesque stuffing their pie holes and guzzling champagne…ick. This is a new ad from MoveOn.org and in this race Heather shows fierce competition against colossal private insurance as the Public Option, demoing her grand yogabilities and leaving the jumbo chums in the dust.


Some in Washington say this is unfair competition. But competition is as American as apple pie.

“It [the ad] reinforces the message that the public option is the best way to lower costs for American families and keep private insurance companies honest,” MoveOn said in a statement.

Everyone deserves decent and affordable healthcare. As yogadorks we rejoice in the public display of yoga, and thank our lucky gunas that yoga is always a public option.

YD shout out to @IntegralHack for the heads up.

Earlier…Heather Graham practices her yog with LA’s “Yoga King” Vinnie Marino

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  • vm

    wow, what’s that one right before eka pada koundinyasana? a variation on crow pose? i have more respect for heather graham now. she was also cute in the hangover.

  • Yogini3

    The one before koundinyasana is . . . (trick photography) bhujapidasana . . . this insurance problem calls for a letter writing campaign . . .

  • Love that pose, but it kills my wrists…. Suggestions?

  • Yogini3

    I am not “advanced” enough for that one … Can’t do crow yet and I don’t really care, tho’ nice to hear you can do that one. Suggestion is: Maybe wear wrist braces like Ana Forrest does?

  • Cats paw is great for wrist strengthening.

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