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Jarvis Cocker to Continue Yoga Rock Music Marathon in London

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scroll down for updates and live stream

Brit-pop rocker Jarvis Cocker is back! To soundtrack your yoga practice that is.

Like his week-long stint of “public rehearsals” earlier this year at Paris’ Galerie Chapp, the Pulp-singer will regale patrons of the Village Underground venue in east London with nearly 7 hours of music every day from November 7th 9th to 11th. And like last time, rumor has it the music marathon will be accompanied by yoga classes and other performances to kick it up a notch. If you missed the one in May you can watch some of the frivolities over on Youtube.

The November event will be in promotion of a new double-A sided single “Further Complications”/”Girls Like it Too” and a song he wrote for upcoming Wes Anderson flick The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

And once again Mr. Jarvis is up for an all out jam-along, so bring your yoga mats and your instruments! Yoga block bongos anyone?

More details to come.

For those unfamiliar with Pulp, it can be a bit brash….here’s one of our favorites from the quintessential album This is Hardcore.

[Yahoo! UK]


UPDATE: Schedule featuring Jivamukti yoga.. and uh, pole dancing and burlesque.

November 9
12pm – 1pm: Rehearsal
1pm – 2pm: Bring An Instrument
2pm – 3pm: Live Grafitti
3pm – 4pm: Bring An Instrument
4pm – 5pm: Pole-Dancing Workshop
5pm – 6pm: Special Surprise Guest

November 10
12pm – 1pm: Rehearsal
1pm – 2pm: Jivamukti Yoga
2pm – 3pm: Bring An Instrument
3pm – 4pm: Spoken Word
4pm – 5pm: Live Grafitti
5pm – 6pm: Hula-Hoop Workshop

November 11
12pm – 1pm: Rehearsal
1pm – 2pm: Burlesque Dance Workshop
2pm – 3pm: Bring An Instrument
3pm – 4pm: Strange Instrument Hour
4pm- 5pm: Roll Up, Roll Up
5pm – 6pm: Circus Circus!

Live Stream Here
Live video chat by Ustream

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  • Kelly

    Hehe, I thought Jarvis is going to instruct the yoga sessions.

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