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Rebecca Gayheart: Fan of Prenatal Yoga, Using Both Sides of the Mat

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rebecca-gayheart-yogaGeez, is it us or is all this recent womanly/preggers stuff making you feel rather matronly? We’ve already got a sympathy bump! clearly from all the fall treats we’ve been eating, with our mouths and our eyes…yummm.. but that’s another story.

Anyways, remember Rebecca Gayheart? Yes you do, “The Noxzema Girl.” Rumor is she’s prego with hubbie Eric Dane‘s bubka but hasn’t admitted it yet, at least to the gossip hungry tabloids. However, obviously she’s not afraid to declare her yoga pride! Rebecca’s been spotted around town toting her mat aaand possibly a baby bump under her shirt.

We don’t blame Ms. G for keeping baby news hush hush amid recent scandals, *cough*a threesome sex tape*cough*…involving drugs*cough*, and we probably could’ve guessed she was a use both side of the mat kinda girl, ahem. But no one told us it was inside out day! (she loves gray and black stripes)

rebecca-gayheart-300Well, in any case if there’s a little lotus bud in the lily pond we’re happy she’s taken up a healthy routine of prenatal yoga for momma and baby, (did you know she’s 38?). Plus it looks like poppa has joined in for sympathy stretching. There’s the happy couple strolling to yoga class together on Oct 10… don’t they look ecstatic?

We hope they follow it up with a hearty bowl of laughter yoga!

[CelebrityBabyScoop] believe it or not that’s an actual website

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  • Chanel logo bag… Monogram Multicolore LV key holder…

    Shouldn’t an actress have a bit more fashion creativity?

  • hey

    She’s still beautiful and still looks 20 yrs old!

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