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Kanye West Seeks Retreat in India, Yoga

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kanye_west-yoga-shadesWas it Jay-Z’s suggestion? Russell Simmons’ influence? Did Eat, Pray, Love finally make it to the rapper’s night table?

Zealous rapper/producer Kanye West has been suffering from over exposure and injured ego after his infamous mic snatch from Taylor Swift at September’s MTV VMAs. Post-incident (which makes it about his 10th public offense in recent years) Kanye’s been keeping a low profile, having canceled his joint tour with Lady Gaga, being notably absent from Oct 10’s BET Awards, and fueling whispers of his jetting off to seek solitude and self reflection.

What else do you do when the President calls you a “jackass”? Make like The Beatles and head east!

His blog gives no hints of whereabouts or signs of a break (he claims he does all the posts himself), but now even MSNBC is reporting Kanye may have set out for India!

Says an unnamed source,

“He knows he needs to come back from this break changed, and that isn’t going to happen at some rehab overlooking the ocean. He goes to India, he has a chance to come back seeming like he learned something from what happened.”

Uh, let’s hope he actually does learn something eh? So, the lucky hot spot? Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. We kinda feel for the fella – he not too long ago lost his mom, and guide, suddenly in 2007 –  and we wish him the best in his soul-seeking journey. Safe to say we’re extremely curious to find out how the month-long stay affects Kanye’s demeanor, and of course, his music and fashion! Will he have a beard? Are glow-in-the-dark shades the new yoga accessory? Will his next album have a collab with Sting and Krishna Das?

UPDATE! We have a photo! Thanks to the hilarious vision of the editors at NY Mag’s Vulture blog, I’ma let u finish style…



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  • Wow!! I’d heard of this somewhere else already. I bet it’s gonna be a CIRCUS over there. I hope his presence doesn’t disrupt everyone else’s experience! Also that it does him some good.

  • I’ve been there and I doubt they will let him bring his bottle of cognac….

  • …but I do hope he gets his act together, cognac or no cognac……

  • I wonder if he’ll last a month at the Ashram. I wouldn’t! Intense yoga yea – but a 24.7 ashram? No freaking way.

  • my head is imploding in a good way about this. did you see mraz’s freshness factor 5000 post about his standing balance sequence yesterday…?

  • seriously? sunglasses and is that a leather shirt? it looks like he’s holding court as usual.
    ick. i am sorry kanye, that outfit isn’t exactly ashram apropos… and i’m not buying it. first step at the ashram, stop drawing attention to your self and get your “humble on”.

  • Everyone needs a little compassion, even Kanye… maybe some time in India will help stop his acceptancespeechusinterruptis disorder. Here’s hoping!

  • amy

    Please..not enough yoga in the world for that idiot.

  • 😉

    ohhhh…. okay. it’s a photoshop shot.
    i feel pretty silly about now.

  • Perhaps he might find something there that will help him.

    Namaste Kanye….

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