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Ellen Pompeo: Postpartum Yoga Stat!

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ellen-pompeo-post-yoga-101309According to the gossip crusaders this is Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo,  postpartum, post-yoga class yesterday, Oct 13 in West Hollywood, just 4 weeks after giving birth. Rumor has it this yoga thing is pretty good for whipping the baby-carrying body back into shape, which, the chatterbugs are quick to point out is the reason Pompeo is commencing the down dog. Drop that pregnancy poundage! To tell the truth she’s so tiny and thin to begin with we hope she doesn’t lose too much weight.

And of course what the scuttlebutts don’t mention is that yoga also helps relieve the symptoms of postpartum depression and prepares the body, and mind, to ease back into regularly scheduled programming. As an actress, and doctor, Ms. Pompeo needs to bounce back stat! She’s got patients to help and drama to incite!

[Gossip Girls]

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  • kia

    Wow 4 weeks. I know folks will return to pre-natal/post natal classes soon after but usually with baby and just to be in that sacred space. Even at 6 weeks some new moms are still tired so will take breaks while in practice. I know she is doing this to whip back into shape, I just hope she is getting the rest and new mama love she needs.

  • so buteifull

    i love you ellen

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