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Watch the Wii Yoga Trailer, Prepare for Virtual Parity

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that’s parity, as in balance, not parody…what, you didn’t think YD was SAT material? 😉

It actually looks pretty neat, even if the video is somewhat of a snoozefest (isn’t the trailer supposed to motivate us to buy?). Used in conjunction with the Wii Balance Board it looks like they provide digi feet on the screen to indicate on which part of your tootsies your weight is balanced, which sounds like a great idea for balancing poses, but can you really gauge your trikonasana with one foot on platform the size of a bathroom scale? We are still dubious, yet curious just the same. As for the rest, turns out the top model is more of model than an actress, but the music sounds nice.

wii-yogaWii Yoga the video game is due out Nov 6. but you can preorder on Amazon…ooooh.

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  • Hmmmm. I am *not* a Wii fan at all but I am a yoga fanatic. And in all of this video, I do not sense the spirit of yoga at all. Sorry. :)!

  • At the Food and Women’s Expo here in Pittsburgh, I’m assuming the Wii people, are hiring yoga teachers to demo the game (I’m also assuming it’s this one) The pay is $350 for the entire weekend. It’s about 15 hrs of work…interesting huh?

    This video is a total snoozer and who is that woman? Couldn’t they get someone that might appeal to actual yogis? I mean c’mon! Mind you if I owned a Wii I would actually buy this game…I think. I just don’t know if I would actually ‘practice’ to it? I’d rather do a podcast! 😀

  • Eliza

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  • Have you tried the yoga that comes with the standard Wii Fit? I reviewed it awhile back ( http://bit.ly/NxZ6i ) It’s cool for balancing poses like tree to see where your center of gravity is (mine is all over the place) but it’s weird in poses like trikonasana to have one foot on the board and one foot off. It’s totally throws the pose off.

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