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Namaste Book Club Meditation Challenge: We Have a Winner!

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wisdom-of-no-escape-and-the-path-of-loving-kindnessMany thanks to everyone who participated in the Namaste Book Club meditation challenge! And a very special word of gratitude to those who contributed thoughts and reflections from their own experience with taking time out to meditate each day from Sept 10-Oct 10. And now that the month is up, the moment you’ve been waiting for… we have a winner! A HUGE yogadork congratulations to… Bob W!

Tell us what he’s won! Well Bob you can now count yourself the proud owner of a copy of the NBC’s #4 reading book, The Wisdom of No Escape and The Path of Loving Kindness by Pema Chödrön.

Thanks so much to all for your inspiring comments and extra special thanks to Nancy (@yoga_mydrishti), Jenny (@evvashtangi) and Melissa (@gomelissago) for organizing the whole thing and allowing YD to be a part of it. Namaste.

Namaste Book Club chat happens every Sunday from 6-8 pm CST at http://namastebookclub.ning.com

check out the blog and follow on twitter for latest updates and news @NamasteBookClub

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  • In my initiatory two months of blogging, Bob W has been a constant presence, commenting on all the yoga blogs that I’ve found read-worthy, such as this. (Thanks, Bob, for reading my blog, too!) It is only fitting that such an active contributor to our online yoga world has won.

    Congratulations, Bob!

    Yoga Spy

  • This has been a really great event. I’m already missing #nbcmm. It has been such a focus for our meditation quests. Thanks to all of you who dreamed this up and made it happen. I think it’s brought us all closer together.

    To think I had to be arm-twisted into trying Twitter at my first Namaste Book Club Sunday night chat just a couple of months ago!


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