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Cast Your Vote! Should Men Wear Short or Long Shorts to Yoga Class? And Shirtless?

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mens-tiger-print-yoga-shortsWho wears short shorts? Come on all you hairy-legged manly men…what say you?

Oh yes, women can vote too…but ladies, be fair 😉
(polls inspired by and dedicated to @rock_my_soles and fellow #yogadorks)

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  • I remember a man used to practice at a studio where I taught in just his underwear. And they were underwear he had personally made, and were designed to be comfortable for men (basically with a pouch to prevent everything from being smashed up against the body). No one ever complained, and it only really caught me off guard once. He gave me a pair to try, and they really were very comfortable.

    I personally started off practicing with generic navy issue PT shorts, but transitioned to pants (prana sutra pants to be exact) to help hold bakasana (sweaty legs). And when I taught in Japan, the long pants helped pseudo-hide the tattoo on my leg (tattoos in Japan are associated with Yakuza (the Japanese mafia)).

    I think the temperature of the class does put a strong preference on how long your shorts/pants are, and I can understand going shirtless in a very hot class. Besides, people in class should be focused on their own practice and not some guys hairy back or love handles, right?

  • vm

    hrm, to be honest, i don’t want to see too much of anyone’s anything. i don’t do bikram but i often go to some pretty packed classes where everyone is up in each other’s… downward dogs. just saying!

  • I can’t say I mind a shirtless ashtangi! But each to their own. Practice in what you’re comfortable in.

  • ashdyogi

    i wondering if this is getting votes one way cause he will actually wear what wins in class. lol… hmmmm. just a thought.

  • Andy

    I’ve been wondering about why capri pants seem to be such a prevalent short-fashion for yoga men. David just reminded me why: sweaty bakasana knees. For heated classes, of course shirtless is fine. Who wants to wear a soaking wet piece of cloth?

  • I think people–men, women, whoever–should feel free to wear whatever they want to a yoga class. As long as one satisfies the rules of basic hygiene so as not to inflict offensive body odors, perfumes, and sweat splatter on fellow students, why should it matter what people wear? If you worry too much about what others are wearing, you are not doing yoga.

  • Robin

    Shorts that seem to be modest, put in the right pose, can end up showing off bits and pieces! I teach, and I’ve witnessed this. My concern is that some people are coming to yoga to heal. Trauma comes in many forms and seeing a guys scrotum while in a vulnerable place may not be conducive to healing. Not every yoga class is about doing whatever your comfortable with, there are boundaries and respect issues at hand. At an ashram, modesty is expected. It’s not the gym.
    (P.S. this makes me sound extremely prudish! I love bodies! Just offering my humble opinion.)

  • Wrongdog

    Real “men” should not do group yoga…or Pilates, or Aerobics, or step-Reebok and definitely not wear Lululemon or “bikini briefs” — gross.

    • Bruno

      “Real men should not do group yoga”…I seriously question anyone’s knowledge of REAL yoga if they would make such a comment. Some of the best yoga instructors are …MEN. But I have had absolutely wonderful female instructors, so no bias on my part. Seems like you could use a few more yoga classes to learn to release and let go. Maybe a power flow class. Namaste

  • mustardasana

    Late to the party here but fashion aside, wearing pants or shorts that go below the knee is a bad idea if you want to see your knee, specifically the alignment of said knee, for example in standing poses.

  • Ken

    I wear black lycra briefs to hot yoga for the following reasons:
    1. they hold less water
    2. they allow better view of body’s alignment
    3. they do not restrict movement
    4. they lift and support without smashing

    I see women wearing form fitting tops and bottoms for I assume the same reasons. Men’s and women’s bodies are not “gross” or “junk.”

  • Nat

    Men and women, should wear what is comfortable: bike shorts, yoga pants, lycra shorts/leggings, leotards and even briefs/bikinis. You are there for the discipline of yoga not to oggle or criticize.

  • Nihanta

    Get over it.

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